maandag 26 januari 2009

Mitigation/Stamina - tank

Although I already set this in motion last week, I am off the avoidance-principle for now. Mitigation and Stamina is what I am aiming for. That essentially means I'll use Defense and Block-rating to get to block-cap and stay there, and then stacking stamina and armor.

Doing this does means I take more damage, although every hit will be smaller, and I will have a more steadier damage-income which is easier to heal. Having healed myself, I know I rather have a tank that has: hit-hit-miss-hit-hit-miss, then miss-miss-miss-hit-hit-hit. The first is easier to heal, a steadily stream of incoming damage, the latter has a lot of damage incoming right after each other...which can be troublesome.

It all follow Murphy's law, if you avoid 50% off all attacks, the 50% you will not avoid Will be right after each other.

So what do you rather heal:

A: 10k-10k-miss-10k-10k-miss
B: miss-miss-miss-12k-12k-12k

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