dinsdag 29 december 2009

Cataclysm - Hope?

I wonder,

with all the QQ about easy epics,
easy raiding
and everything else people dislike about WoW.

Are we still playing WoW, because of cataclysm?

It does seem that cataclysm is actually World of Warcraft 2.

woensdag 23 december 2009

The not-so-good-puggers.

This one goes out to:

The Retridin who doesn't buff the other DPS
The DorK-tank who doesn't notice he let his healer die, and continues pulling.
The DPS in 'uber'-gear, who want to go faster and pull before the tank.

but mostly to:

The multitude of melee who stand in front of the boss, eating cleaves,pounds, etcetera. But especially whirlwind, which is very, very bad for melee, and then complain that they aren't battle-rezzed, why should I? 90% of the time I BR a fallen melee for something like this, they die the next time... /sigh

Oh, and I heard a nice rule. One of the realms in our BG (don't remember which) apparantly has the rule, that if you die for the second time due to stupidity, walk back, expect no rez (I was boomkinning when I witnessed this).

And Mardah is done with pre-frost emblems, there are some upgrades left in PoS and HoR (cloth belt, leather wrist, trinket), but the rest is from frost-emblem, which I dont get a lot off, because I don't raid. So what now?

Argent Dawn roll-call:

Ezrila, 75, retribution paladin, Skinning/Herbalism
Mardah, 80, restoration/balance druid, Skinning/Leatherworking
Kyari, 73? protection paladin, Herbalism/Inscription
Lamars, 80, subtlety/combat rogue, Mining/Engineering
Luaran, 80, beastmaster/survival hunter, Mining/Jewelcrafting
Mariandel, 70, enhancement shaman, Skinning/Enchanting
Whiteheart, 65, protection warrior, Herbalism/Alchemy (restricted access due to group-levelling)
Cymara, 31, demonology warlock, Mining/Tailoring
Yorille, 5, warrior

vrijdag 18 december 2009

To disenchant or not to disenchant.

Disenchanting stuff, this has always been a strange point for me. Gowron (my Tankadin on vacation) always had enchanting as profession. And I always resented the general rule a bit that I should d/e unusable drops for everyone to roll on. Why? Because I needed lot of that stuff just to level enchanting, when I reached the limit, that feeling stopped, but before that, I didn't like it. And during Wrath I actually did not come forth as enchanter. Too much hassle.

Now the new LFG and loot system lets everyone disenchant stuff if an enchanter is present. At first this looks good, but there is a little problem. Mardah, my Tree, likes spellpower, haste and spirit. There are some nice upgrades for her in the new dungeons, but they are cloth, not leather. And a Druid can't roll on cloth. Luckily I have only been to one new dungeon with an enchanter present, so I only had to see 2 pieces of cloth d/e-ed, which where an upgrade for me, booth the same item (shoulders iirc).

The problem is that my needing a piece of gear of not the right armor type is equal to someones shard-roll, which seems completely wrong. And trees aren't the only one with that problem. Does it really matter how much armor you have as DPS? It's all about the stats, baby...

There's a discussion going on, on worldofwarcraft.com (american wow) about this, actually, not a discussion, just a general consencus that: Yes, the system is nice. Yes, it works. No, we don't like it how it works, fix it please so you can roll on lower armor-types.

Well, I have been lucky sofar, a leather chest, leather gloves, cloth feet, cloth bracers, an off-hand and ofc the Battered Hilt.

Oh, and healing the Halls of Reflection is a lot harder then other heroics. I did HoR last night, followed by VH... I almost fell asleep in VH :p

donderdag 17 december 2009

...and one week in.

...about LFG's,three-somes, and an epic questline.

Well, the new LFG system is nice, get some nice drops which you can wear... not neccesary use. My lvl31 Lock had 4 necklaces in a row: ...of the Soldier, ...of he Monkey, ...of the Defender or something) and ...of the Sorcerer. So you may not always get what you want. We also found out that the reward that you get in OL-dungeons is a little bit on the low Ilvl-side, like 64 orso, while the greens that are dropping are 80+, so mostly vendor-stuff. But my lvl74 retridin went into one, and got 2 emblems of triumph, so you can get start farming those early.

Sofar I had only one time that I ditched a group, in the Occulus. I joined just before the 3rd boss, which went down, somewhat hard (hunter not hiding, tank going the wrong way). But when they all started to question my use of the Green Drake, while they where flying all over the place, and not getting out of bubbles... /leave.

The best PuG sofar (sorta) was below, with 2 people who also joined as group, from Argent Dawn.

It was a nice clean run, with fast pulls... I wonder how many Puggers now had an Heartattack with us, before seeing... Oh, this is gonna be fun :p.

We really did a speed-run at the beginning of the week, resulting in:

We quickly where in ramparts, where we, mostly in BRD-gear, found out that we may needed some more stuff. Much more difficult... until we reached lvl60, with all our new spells... so we are storming again.

And now a nice picture:

What is my druid Mardah doing in the Sunwell?
Well, she got a drop on her first heroic Pits of Saron, something called a Battered Hilt. The Questline takes you through several dungeons, and towards the Isle of Ganking. You have to dip your tempered Quel-something in the Sunwell.

woensdag 9 december 2009

Stand Aside

There are rumors on the Argent Dawn server of two dwarfs and a gnome that form a Hit-squad, and are doing crazy stuff in he lands of Azeroth. While traversing the dig-site at Ulduar, this picture was taken of the formidable three-some.

Questions are risen by this picture. Who are they? Why do the dwarfs accept the company of a 'noam'? What is their plan? And what about the rumors that they befriended a totem-thrower....