dinsdag 21 april 2020

The Long Wait has started

Simple, this is what I did last two weeks, it gives a nice summary. I think two weeks ago, we had a week long extra reputation from the weekly, and the Darkmoon Fair was active. Combine that with a contract, and luckily two emissaries. Gwaednerth (a.k.a. Gowron) was on the hunt, and managed to do it. I now have unlocked all the allied races....  only to be greeted by the message that starting Shadowlands, they would have been unlocked anyway, ah well.

I also concluded all of the heroic vision talent tree. So I can now farm stuff for free gem slots... maybe.. problem is, I don't really like the visions. Above two masks it basically becomes a half hour boss-fight where you cannot make to many mistakes. I did a three mask run a week ago, where everything went fine. I still had two orbs left when I went for Thrall. I forget one moment that you have to stand in the yellow circle, and poof, attempt gone, half an hour of work gone.. it is just to draining for me. And..well..do I need those gem slots (hint: see top achievement)

Newid gets his Artifact.

I am leveling some alts again with the current XP-buff, and Newid (Welsh for Change) actually made it to 110 to unlock the heritage armor. He is now in the Assault/Invasion phase, basically meaning that I do the assaults, and the three quests-chains for the campaign.

Leveling plan is simple for my alts. Do dungeons till you get tired of the Pandaria dungeons, do some questing till you hit Warlords of Draenor. Build garrison, find some followers, do some area-quests/mining/herbing till Legion. In legion, get an artifact, fly around exploring and doing all the area quests, maybe do a little normal questing. Done

At the moment I have 3 alts leveling in BFA, 2 in the TBC/Wrath Bracket, and several below 60. I may get some of them higher, but I am not in a hurry. I am looking forward to Shadowlands leveling, where it is said you can do one expansion and level up. At the moment you can probably do one or two zones before you out-level the expansion, so... looking forward to that.

Gaze upon all the eyes and tentacles

And last part of this blog, Innovation downed Heroic N'Zoth 2 days ago, starting our long wait till Shadowlands. We did it in 16 pulls, which actually makes it an easy end-boss. Most of our first pulls where spend learning to not panic with the bonding mechanism. I think around pull 12 we made it solidly to the Final Phase and wiped at 23%, followed by a 31% and 25% wipe. So that didn't seem to progress.

Eva called for the last pull of the evening, with intent to get back here Tuesday, what followed was a 3% wipe....there is some progress, but flask where now running out. I think I had 7 minutes left. But with being this close, people wanted to try once again... so we pulled really for the last time... 

Hey Blizzard, why am I NOT in Moonkin form  :(

So now Innovation can wait, we still have some members to get the Curve-Achievement for the next weeks. But basically we are done except for maybe some Mythic, but that has never been the goal. This Shadowland Expansion better come fast, or the Alpha/Beta. I have read some interesting things about it, although I am not that exited about the whole Tower of the Damned stuff yet. 

I leave you with Mardah turning into an old fiend of Gowron (SSC-throwback)

dinsdag 5 november 2019

A month later....

....and I basically don't play endgame Classic that much, I do have the opportunity to do so, but I don't think I like to play two endgames. I do however like levelling alts, levelling professions, running around for hours on one level just doing quests. So I am slowly levelling multiple alts on classic, while sometimes healing an endgame dungeon.

On retail, I finally managed to do tw Mechagon runs... and I apparently need 6 more, although that may change with the next patch. The essence from there will be BiS after that patch, not using it at the moment.

Innovation definately has the whole Eternal Palace on farm, although some silly wipes still happen. There is some talk about mythic between now and the new patch, which I would feel fine about.. loot-wise I may want one ring from Azshara, but that is it. And the raid it self feels really done now, especially because we can clear it in one night if we really want.

About Blizzcon, my Tankadin heart is jumpy, return of the Auras, now we only need the return of the Blessings... Pally Power FTW. For Druids, I would really like the return of Mark of the Wild. It does goes against 'Bring the Player, not the Class', but well.. I never really believed in that anyway...

No news about sending the forced Personal Loot to the very depths of the Shadowlands. And that other horrible thing, Titanforging, is going away in the next patch...somehow..not sure what to think about that yet.

Shadowlands looks nice, but I am going to withold any real thoughts about that till we now more about Covenants and stuff.... one thing though....Level-squish, I like where they are going..

From level 1-10 you have a decidated starter zone (newly developed???), for all non-allied races. At level 10 you can choose any expansion to fully level to 50 (except if you are a new player, then it will be BFA) and then level to 60 in Shadowlands. I feel like I will be alting much more like that.

It also has the potential to be re-used over and over... think about it.. let's say Patch 10 comes around.. Blizzard can easily squish levels again and we can level from 50-60 in Rise of the Lich Queen (or something), and new players have to level 10-50 in the Shadowlands...

..and someone somewhere in one of the panels said that levelling should be rewarding again... is that a hint to ye ole talentsystem?

vrijdag 4 oktober 2019

No 400 : Azshara and Level 60

Two things happened this week.

Innovation took down Azshara down on Heroic, and my Priest Ezrila turned 60.

I have a very strange sense about the Eternal Palace. The raid was released just before summer vacation. I think I did up to Azshara on Normal before the vacation started. And then, for six weeks I was not online that often. So when I got back from vacation, I had mostly no idea what the bosses did. It took me till 2 weeks ago to find out how the second boss works.

It was not till after that, that the bosses finally 'clicked' for me. And that also meant I started again to throw heavier punches around, it is all about knowing where to be at the right time for Boomers. The kill on Sunday was a typical Innovation-kill. 10 minutes left on the flask, last pull of the evening, and although at the end only the tanks, healers and one or two dps where alive, she did went down.

I also am not a fan of the current gearing-system. I just want to be done with gearing, and the last two expansions, the artifact and neck stuff isn't working for me. And now these essences, I am just 'meh' whatever. I do have three 3-essences, but they are not the best, but I can not be bothered to really farm others, the whole system isn't really working for me.

But, we have our target, Ahead of the Curve, now, when is the next raid?

Ezrila grinding some Furlborgs to 60
On Hydraxian Waterlords, Ezrila dinged 60 on Wednesday. The last 40% I was just killing Felwood Satyrs for Felcoth or Winterspring Furlborgs. Till level 40, I levelled as Spirit-tapping Discipline, after that it was of course 31 points to get Shadowform, and than back to Discipline. I healed a lot of dungeons like that.

There is a big shortage of tanks. LookingForGroup is continuously filled with LF Tank. And most of the time, groups are under-level for the last bosses of a dungeon. Atlasloot e.g. gives a level-range from 12-17 for Ragefire Chasm, my little Rogue actually had all the quests on level 11. But last boss is 15, can be hard on lvl12 tanks.

Same I had with the Sunken Temple, Ezrila healed it twice with a mostly underlevel group, didn't work on last boss. I am also not keen on starting tanking, I have healed enough to see that Aggro is a bitch. Shamans opening with Earth Shock, Multi-Shotting Hunters at pull, or the silly DPS-warrior in my last BRD run (when I already was 60), who actually made sure to NOT attack the tanks target, and then starting complaining that the shaman didn't drop WF-totem.

After hitting 60, after 10 days played, Ezrilla respecced 21/30/0, getting Divine Spirit in Disco. The 31-Holy option is going Death Angel and Lightwell... which I clearly remember being shite. Most people have no idea how to use that. As I said, I did a BRD run as Healer after that. It went ok for most of the time. I just have to make sure that I don't forget to heal myself.

Also, down-ranked spells... I have down-ranked bot Heal and Greater Heal on hotkeys, so I Have 4 different slow-heals. Around 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 Health-points. I also have a down-ranked Reju...rr..Renew on hotkeys. No down-ranking for Flash Heal, if I have to use that, it is already shit hitting the fan. And as last, a down-rank for Prayer of Healing, very efficient spell if everyone is damaged.

I am now basically waiting till our tank hits ST/BRD range. And hope for some better gear. Also.. time for Classic Alts

And lastly... this is my 400th blog-post... hurray?

dinsdag 17 september 2019

The Mallet of Zul'Farrak

Somewhere Sunday morning, Ezrila had gathered up all seven Zul'Farrak Quests. Three of them are easy to pick up, just head to Gadzetzan and pick up the quests to gather scarab thingies, troll temper and a divine rod. In Steamwheelde port you can pick up a quests that sends you to Feralas, and is important for later on, it gives you the ability to summon Hakkar in The Temple of Atal'Hakkar.

One quests is picked up from the middle of Dustwallow Marsh. One was already in my questlist, the quest for the Carrot on a Stick, that you pick up on the Mirage Raceway. The last one, is a chain that starts with a green bottle from the Hinterlands...and ends with a lvl52Elite.... which is a little bit to high for my 45Priest.

After I gathered them all up, I noticed someone was looking for a DPS to ZF. I can do that, so I whispered. But I got a whisper back they needed 46+ dps... ah well...30 minutes later they where still looking for one, but at that point I was set to heal, 2 rogues, a DPS-warrior..and no Tank...

That took almost 50 minutes to find one, and it took a good 20 minutes for everybody to get to ZF, typical Classic experience... we had no problems, I got a nice staff, and 20 Troll Tempers...that will take another run... which I have to do anyway.

After the 2nd Boss, the one in a Cave, we found out that none of us actually had the Hammer of Zul'Farrak to summon the Hydra Boss. So I jokingly said, well, we know what to do after. 2 Hours later, with the same group, we ended up at the Altar of Zul in the Hinterlands.

After that, and after finding out that the quests for Jintha'Alor are not for level45, we stormed the Troll City, killing lots of Troll for the people that had the quests, and Finished the Hammer of Zul'Farrak, and pick up an Ancient Egg.

And mistakes where made later. Ezrila, being a Tailor/Enchanter, basically did not disenchant anything from about level 25 up. All to get money for the mount, which I got at 42. That however meant that I was short on enchanting materials between lvl20-40. So to the AH we went... which ended up with having only 60c... barely enough to fly between Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff....

dinsdag 3 september 2019

Zhevra Hooves

Yes, I found them all, much faster than I thought at first, but I did completed it.

Strange how things go, a week ago I logged into Hydraxian Waterlords, and I started to level a Tauren Druid. 2 levels later my partner came entered, also on a Tauren Druid. I then try to log in onto my Tauren Warrior, which took a while, but we both leveled up to six.

The next day, I didn't really feel to level the warrior, and I saw that we didn't had any priests in Innovation, yes, Innovation now has a Classic Horde guild, so I started to level a priest, and Undead Priest called Ezrila, and she is now level 27 29.

Not something I was planning to do, but it happened, and Priest levelling is pretty fast, if you have a good wand. I healed everry dungeon so far, and I am now in Limbo beteween Blackfathom Deeps and Gnomeregan, so Ezrila is collecting some human skulls in the Hillsbrad Foothills killing taurens in 1K Needles.

I find it all very re-refreshing. No more zerg-mode, thinking about what you are doing. Dungeons need to be done properly again, and crafting matters. And a lot of stuff you can not solo, although I did tried... and failed some. As a friend said, Classic is best enjoyed with two people.

Let's see where this journey takes us.

zondag 7 juli 2019

Heritage, small and big

Last week, patch 8.2 dropped. 

It took me 9 days to get Flying

Before that happened, I also played a little with me Exalted Gnome

And today, I leveled old Cloudcaller to 120

Other things this weeks, included leveling pets for the pet-battles, Innovation getting Ahead of the Curve : Uu'nat. Me dying horrible on the two pulls I was there. Simming that the new Mechagon-Isle-Trinket is actually better as the Incandescent Sliver, which I can now unequip. Not getting the Murlock Cloak yet. And I have started a mount-hunt..that circle-mount looks nice for..well..gnomes.

Also..Essences... I found out that my best essence is from the new dungeon, and it seems upgrading it needs more runs in the same dungeon...oh well.. I can handle that probably.

Secondary is another story. Best apparently is from Island Expeditions, and getting to rank 4 needs more IE's. That is something I'd rather not do. Luckily the differences between the top essences is not that large. Number 2 and 3 on that list are the ones I already have from following the quest-lines. One is linked to neck-level, and the other one to follower-experience in Nazjatar. Stuff that I will likely do anyway.

vrijdag 24 mei 2019

Lok'tar Ogar! Classic is coming.

I will go Horde

Hopefully on a RP-PVE server.

That was the first decision I made when I knew Classic was coming. Back in TBC I played Alliance two weeks, went Horde with Gowron for 4 years, and when cataclysm hit, I went full Alliance with Mardah. So I have been playing Alliance for almost 9 years now. I really think it is time to return to the Horde.

Next choice is of course, what to play....  a very hard question. This is a question I actually only starting to answer the last couple of weeks. And it took the effort to unlock allied races to get an answer.

A few weeks ago, I went full rep-hunting with Gowron/Gwaednerth, and because the Faire was up, I went there for the rep-buff.... which brings me through a City I really liked.

Back in TBC, playing a Blood Elf Paladin, my first big city was useless. Silvermoon was too big, and to empty. Luckily you get send to Undercity quite fast, which is where Gowron spend most of his time between quests.

But in the long summer after the fall of the Lich King, Gowron found a new home, he even defended it together with Cairne Bloodhoof against the invading elemental forces, and in RP-terms, I would think he became an honorary Bluffwatcher after that...

So Gwaednerth had to go through Thunder Bluff to get to the Darkmoon Faire... and the moment I landed... and jumped down for old times sake, and watched that pool with everything so nicely placed around it... I knew where my journey in Classic would start, I would play a Tauren.

So, now I know the Faction and the Race... next up is Class... luckily, I now only have 4 options left... and all looked nice, Warrior, Druid, Shaman and Hunter. All Classes which I would probably have no problem playing. So which one...

I will not Play a Tauren Hunter. Not that I don't like Hunters, but..well... in my mind a tauren Hunter is reserved for my Brother. I would rather play an Orc or Troll Hunter. Probably Orc so I am not limited to Bows.

So, three remaining. So I have to think about what I actually want to do in Classic, and if  I rather play that class on a different race. Shamans also can be played by Orcs and Trolls, and actually, Troll Shaman sounds much more fun to me. So no Tauren Shaman either.

And now it comes down to Druid and Warrior... Tauren Druid is a must ... no other Race can play Druid, and I would definitely make a Tauren Warrior. They Both have pros and cons. So now it comes down to what I want..  am I going to raid in 6 months in Classic, do I want to play a Tank or a Healer...

Also, again, what is my goal in Classic. Just Leveling/Dungeoning, or actually raiding? Both Classes are actually quite nice for raiding. Warriors are by far the best class in Classic, being the only viable tank in raids, and doing some nice damage, Druids are Healers, although it is said they are Innervate Bots... well... I also still will raid retail..so I don't think full-classic raiding is an option.

Not-so-big-a-secret: I actually hope to find a relaxed Raiding Guild that wants a Boomkin...  :P.

At the moment I will probably play Druid, because of its versatility while leveling. I will still make an alt-Tauren Warrior, even quit early in case zones are overpopulated. So, now I have a race/class, what professions?

For a Tauren Druid there are only three options IMHO.  Mining/Engineering, which I think is more a Hunters thing. Skinning/Leatherworking and Herbalism/Alchemy. I am leaning towards going full Hippy, Flowerpicking. But...that Wolfshead Helmet is Leatherworking....  so, Skinning/Leatherworking it is, it will also prevent me from following the yellow dots on the map to flowers.

So, probably main-character is set, time for ALTISM, luckily, with the story above I already have some combinations ready. Including their Logical Professions. So my Character-list will be something like:

Tauren Druid // Skinning & Leatherworking
Orc Hunter // Mining & Engineering
Troll Shaman // Herbalism & Alchemy
Tauren Warrior // Mining & Blacksmithing
Undead Priest // Enchanting & Tailoring
Orc Warlock
Undead Mage
Troll Rogue

This is also very optimistic I know, leveling will take a while.... but I now have a Plan.

Also... Specialization... that will take some more thinking....

Lok'Tar Ogar!

(of course, I may end up in a group where a certain role is required, or two skinners are useless...)