vrijdag 13 februari 2015

Gruul Heroic - the numbers

Yesterday evening, Innovation went Heroic Foundry, and our first target was Gruul. Smashing, ceiling-collapsing, petrifying Gruul. And after a long night of running around, on attempt 15, we did the sacrifice-our-bear-tank-as-often-as-possible-strategy, and he went down. Yes, yes, the healer-rotation also worked.

Innovation beats Heroic Gruul
Now, I wanted to analyse my performance that night. And I normally did that with warcraftlogs, but last night I used the more graphical enhanced tool from Mr. Robot. I needed Microsoft Silverlight for that, and a upload-program. Which was installed fast.

I was actually running it during the raid, which meant I could look at the results after each wipe. That's more for Raidleaders I guess. To look at my own performance I need a little bit more time, although I now know where to look. Let's look at some screenshots I took from the logs.

The above picture gives a quick rundown of the actual kill. There are 6 buttons, with some colors around it. Now, Mr. Robot compares the numbers of your raid with all the other numbers they have. Now the DPS seems low, but that may have to do with other factors than only our performance. If we are compared with Mythic Guilds who ran HC last week, our numbers will be lower.

You also get a direct rundown on how the raid did with damaging abilities. We did well on Avoidable damage, which should make our healers happy, our potion usage..well...   under that line is an interesting line, especially considering Innovation killed Gruul on the 15th attempt.... although we had at least two 90%+ wipes, as in accidental pulls. (Yes, it says 9th attempt, but the first 5 are in another log, I was experimenting).

This picture is more personalized, it does what it says. What is your DPS compared to all the other Balance Druids (for me) that we can find on Mr. Robot. This time taking in account Ilvl though.. which makes me sad. Looking at earlier attempts, I saw myself Hovering around 75%, but I had a petrify less on me, and some luck with crits it seem...and I still had a 655-weapon during the kill, not after that though.

So, I dived a little bit more into the numbers, and here I find the two things I 'dislike/miss' so far. I would like to know what my performance was before a wipe is called. In the logs from the wipes I would like to exclude the part of the fight after a wipe is called. Our 6th attempt had a badly Inferno-slice at 3:10. I would like to know how I performed up to that, especially because I jumped into avoidable damage after that to speed up the wipe.

The second one I found when I looked at my Starfires. As you can see above you get this nice graph with the buffs various Starfires had. However, you cannot see if I was in Lunar or in Solar at the time of the cast. I know for sure I had some casts end up in the wrong cycle, that is not that bad if they are empowered, but an unempowered Starfire in Solar, yeah, I like to know how often that happened.

With this list, and the standard dps-list you get for all spells, I did find out that I probably had casted 8 starsurges while there was already an empowered buff active for that cycle. Now that is probably because I was running and my procs where about to reach 3, or just proc-ed to 3, but I should train myself to use a Starfall at that point. It does a little bit more damage. The rest seemed alright, now I hope my next numbers will be better, with the Gruul-staff

vrijdag 6 februari 2015

Phase 2

What a week.

First WoWinsider closed shop (see last post), but magically did a Phoenix on us, and transformed into a crowd-funded website called Blizzardwatch, scooping up everything they hoped for and more before most of us actually figured out this transformation. So, the magazine-website is back.

On Wednesday the new phase of Patch 6.0 happened. New raid, and new world-boss, Rukhmar, a fiery bird that flies around Spires of Arak, with a chance to drop a mount, and also some 665-gear. My first kill of it was very smoothly with Gwaednerth, who scooped up some pants. The next three kills where messy, very messy.

There is this spot where all groups I was in pulled it down. It is very close to the graveyard. So it becomes a race in most PuG's to kill the boss before to much people are looking at a res-timer of two minutes. One of the kills had the bird being pulled all the way to the close-by neutral fly-path, and back again. Giving everyone time to res again I guess.

Thursday night, Innovation went into Blackrock, after finding out where they put the entrance, we went in, and cleared the trash with two drops. This was Normal, just to look at it, and how it goes. The first boss stood in his big room, Gruul.

Gruul, the not-so dragonkiller.

Gruul, again... sort of. He still drops ceiling on you, and petrifies a part of the raid, but it wasn't that hard of a fight. First try he went down. For me that is a good thing, he does drop a intellect-mastery staff. I will probably get many chances to get that one...but not last night. My normal-tectus staff has to do the job longer.

Next up was Oregorger. We did one pull before the break, and found out that stacking is really stacking, because the puddles are big. During the break, people hearted to garrisons..  and started to disappear. At the end of the break, a third of our raid was swallowed by the black hole called garrison, not to return. And then one of our tanks decided to do a relog.... not a smart move.

We did continue, but with our force crippled a lot, it was more of a training-run. I found out that starfall hits everything, no LoS on anything. The big middle-puddle was not hindering me. But when we tried to use that, we found out that gnomes are to little, they do have LoS-issues with the dirt-piles. At the end of the night we had a 3% wipe, but it was decided to return there on sunday.

Forak an hour after his level 100 building-spree.

This is the fourth raidingweek for Innovation since the start, we still have people with warforged blues, and some with legendary cloaks (these tend to be better than the 640-cloaks). So, Innovation will do a Highmaul run again this week for the gear, although I doubt Imperator will go down, we already did a almost-full clear on heroic once before.

Tonight, it is Horde-night. I guess Beyond Redemption will also go to Normal Gruul... which brings me to a strange thing. If BR kills another boss tonight, I guess my Horde Guild is further in progression than Innovation...

Should we prepare for this?

maandag 2 februari 2015


WoWInsider will stop publishing stories this week.

They started in November 2005, so they where around for almost 10 years. This seems a long time for a internet-magazine. That was how I looked at it. They had a lot of stories, maybe one new one every 4 hours? And I read a lot of them back when I started playing in 2007. I also read Maintankadin and uses Thottbot.

Both of these sides are still around, although Thottbot is a satelite of Wowhead, and Maintankadin is still a good site for tankadins, but neither of them have stories. Another site I read a lot is MMO-Champion, but again, no stories.

All the 'big' sites I read, are not magazine-sites. They are fact-sites, or forums, but most of the times there are no stories. For those, I have a blogroll. And I had WoW Insider.

I wonder if another site will fill in the void, WoW Insider will leave behind,
the magazine for World of Warcraft has ended, and I already miss it.

maandag 26 januari 2015

Ahead of the Curve

Gathering up last night, I jokely said everyone only had 5 deaths that evening....  and on our 5th pull of the evening, the 26th in total, he went down, with me already floor-hugging....

Heroic Innovation

And with that kill, tomorrow will be a very strange raid for Innovation. Since I joined at the start of Cataclysm, Innovation didn't really had a bench. I cannot remember any raid where more then two raiders had to be left behind, even one being left out was rare.

I am not talking about the time Innovation went 10-manning Firelands, that was a dark time. The bench was huge there, at least 8 people. I was lucky back than. I was ranged, and during that dark winter, Innovation only had three ranged left. And than our guildleader decided, 25 or bust.

Not that our raids actually had 25 people all the time. But we always went in when 21 people where there. And we had our fun back, and tomorrow, Innovation has a Mythic Raid planned... only 20 allowed.

Our last raids where full, or almost full, so 28+ raiders. Which means tomorrow people have to be benched, something that Innovation has not much experience on. I am not envious of the officer-corp. They have to decide who to sit out, and why. The statement made was rotational. So everyone will have their 2 raids a week I guess.

And that 2 weeks before the next phase of this Tier, Blackrock. I actually do not think we will be going into Highmaul much after we can enter Blackrock. So it is only a short benching experience. But Innovation will reach Mythic again. Of that I have no doubt.

Was Mar'gok really the end-boss???

vrijdag 23 januari 2015

For the Horde

Some recap-thoughts about last two weeks.

- I raided normal Highmaul on the Horde

- I went in with the minimum Ilevel required (630)

- I didn't expect high numbers

- Retribution Paladins are OP it seems

- Innovation clears the first 6 bosses in one evening on HC

- I still have a 655-mission weapon

- I have a mythic Shards of Nothing from a mission

- A week after I spend 150 dkp on the heroic one...

- Lurche is the only one without a garrison sofar

- That will probably be fixed this weekend

- I retired my Mac

- Except the air station

- So I can't throw it away

- I got a new videocard

- the old one was old

- I also got a new monitor

- I now have 5 inches more

- Streaming raids on twitch will be restarted soon

- I read the news on bloods

- I am eating more frostweed than ever for all the catalysts

- I am no longer doing 'minor' alts' garrisons on raid-days

- I only have so much time

- I should maybe tear down the barn for an inn

- I should maybe do mines and depths

- all for followers

- I have Thisalee

- Imperator is irritating

- Friday is for the Horde

- It is Friday

dinsdag 6 januari 2015

The raiding has started.

Sunday night, Innovation went into Highmaul the first time, the Heroic version that is. Without much problem we got Kargath down. The raidleaders opted to skip Butcher, and we went to Brackenspore, which was a little more difficult.

More difficult, as in people that had to be steered in one direction. Of the 27 characters present, I think half of them was new, not only the players, but also what they are playing. Some longstanding members also decided to stop raiding durng the christmas break, but with about 8 pulls, and two bosses down, nothing to worry about.

The Birds stealing the show after Brackenspore
Before the raid, I made sure I was ready. 60 potions, 40 greater flask, three WoD-crafted pieces ( two of which where 670, one 655), and everything reasonable gemmed/enchanted. After all the making and upgrading, my Argent Dawn reagent-list looks like this:

19 Savage Bloods (used for upgrading gear)
856 Burnished Leathers
1207 Raw Beast Hide (used in LW CD's)
84 Temporal Crystals (used by enchants in general)
1260 Draenic Dusts (used by enchanting CD's)
802 Primal Spirits (a potential 15 more Savage Bloods)
36 Sorcerous Air (used in Greater Mastery Taladite, Weapon Enchant,Ring enchant))
162 Sorcerous Earth (used by Neck enchant)
151 Sorcerous Water (used by Cloak enchant)
93 Sorcerous Fire (used for Greater Intellect Flask)
3999 Blackrock Ore (used for Alchemy,BS,JC,Engineering CD's)
4681 True Iron Ore (used for BS,JC,Engineering CD's/Mastery Taladite)
50 Hexweave Cloth
426 Gorgrond Flytraps (used by LW and Tailoring CD's)
553 Frostweed (used by Alchemy CD's)
184 Talador Orchid (used for Intellect Potion/Flask)
301 Starflowers (used for Intellect Flask/Mastery Taladite)
180 Fireweed
141 Nagrand Arrowblooms
529 Alchemical Catalysts (used for Greater Intellect Flask)
81 Taladite Crystals (used in Greater Mastery Taladite)
371 Truesteel Ingots
67 Gearspring Parts
59 War Paints

What really jumps out is the amount of raw materials I have, normally for gathering professions. 8500+ ores, about a 1000 herbs, even after all the stuff I made. I still have a lot of Burnished leather, but getting those did require a bit more effort (Hello Clefthoof trapping). I have no idea what to do with the massive amount of ores at the moment, just stop mining is the only thing I can think of.

Some of the reagents are lower, but I did make a 670-Tailoring Cloak, 670-Necklace and a 655-trinket. Also a Blingtron was constructed, several engineering.blacksmithing pets, a LW-mount, and of course the before mentioned alchemy stuff.

I am wondering why I still have skinning on Mardah though, I should probably change it, but it feels wrong, and I am not sure Blizzard will come up with something useful for it. For that matter, Herbing and Mining as a profession are equally screwed....  why have it, if all the stuff you need can be done by your garrison-buildings....the three seem rather useless now.

Oh, yeah, I know I can make another 670-piece of gear, but I am waiting with that a little bit, just to see what will drop from bonus rolls. I expect one of my rolls will get me a cloak or necklace, so I can than replace the self-made one, with a leather working-thingie... raid starts at 1900, let us roll the dice again.

Mardah's real controller is spotted

vrijdag 19 december 2014

Vacation... and a little about trapping

Tomorrow my vacation starts, that means I can no longer play on the PC for two weeks, and only have Ye Ole Mac.... that means I can do Garrisons...and that's it. To maximize my output, both Mardah and Verulani went elite-hunting today for bloods.  Both have a lvl3-barn.

Now there is a fun thing with trapping beasts...  the trap has a CD of 15 seconds, but lasts 30 seconds. You can actually time it to have two traps activated...and surprise, a beast can be captured twice then. But wait there is more....  it does not have to be your beast...

Now keep in mind, do not place your trap anywhere else then ON the same place as someone else trap...I had a 'kill' stolen today because a Hordie placed the trap just behind mine, so my trap missed. I do not know how many times this can stack...  at least 3 times I saw today, so..  how many beasts can be caged from one beast?

But, my army of alts is ready. Although I may be low on fur cloth. The idea is, that after these two weeks vacation, I have so much materials, that I can make a educated guess about which gear to upgrade/make. My current count is 18 bloods, and another 25 from Primal Spirits. I am guessing that I will have enough to upgrade two pieces of gear to 665, considering it costs 30 to do that.

Cya all in 2015.

Blook hanging around.