vrijdag 19 december 2014

Vacation... and a little about trapping

Tomorrow my vacation starts, that means I can no longer play on the PC for two weeks, and only have Ye Ole Mac.... that means I can do Garrisons...and that's it. To maximize my output, both Mardah and Verulani went elite-hunting today for bloods.  Both have a lvl3-barn.

Now there is a fun thing with trapping beasts...  the trap has a CD of 15 seconds, but lasts 30 seconds. You can actually time it to have two traps activated...and surprise, a beast can be captured twice then. But wait there is more....  it does not have to be your beast...

Now keep in mind, do not place your trap anywhere else then ON the same place as someone else trap...I had a 'kill' stolen today because a Hordie placed the trap just behind mine, so my trap missed. I do not know how many times this can stack...  at least 3 times I saw today, so..  how many beasts can be caged from one beast?

But, my army of alts is ready. Although I may be low on fur cloth. The idea is, that after these two weeks vacation, I have so much materials, that I can make a educated guess about which gear to upgrade/make. My current count is 18 bloods, and another 25 from Primal Spirits. I am guessing that I will have enough to upgrade two pieces of gear to 665, considering it costs 30 to do that.

Cya all in 2015.

Blook hanging around.

donderdag 11 december 2014

More changes...

In between all the hype of new stuff, and having so much to do, something keeps creeping up. But first a little recap.

I got enough orders this week to start farming for blood....  but the I figured out, that I may really need my 5minCD on Verulani for that, the earth elemental. Those elites in Nagrand do have a lot of health.

Mardah, is about to start building her Barn. Her Mill is almost out of wood, and will be replaced. I was thinking about changing the enchanting building to storehouse, but you can d/e purples with a level 3, so I'll keep it for the moment.

I also got my first raid-mission. I need to Ilvl-up two followers first though. I did a LFR yesterday, as healer, considering waiting times, and it was easy... really easy. Got 5 Abr-stones from Kargath..nice.

THEY MADE ME HEAL. Because of lack of healers, tuesday's poke at normal put me in tree-form. Now, do mind, the moment I heard that, I had to completely figure out tree-healing in WoD within 10 minutes. Wild Growth has a casting cost??  We did down another boss... Twin Ogres methinks. Official raiding starts in Januar, so the Ilvl of our raid was from 615 to 650 I guess.

But what really irks me, is the huge amount of changes. It seems every day a new batch of little changes comes along. Today it is about fish and alchemy. Yesterday it was about the Trading Post lvl3-requirement. Last week we had changes to almost everything that seems to look like a time-sink, less pet battles, less gold, less this, less that.

Now, I have no problem with the fact that Blizzard didn't expect 3 million players to return, which made the first week 'unstable'. That was unexpected, and they did fix that quite well, but all these little changes, couldn't that have been predicted? And I find it frustrating. I finally know what to gather for one profession, and suddenly they change it. Or for one building, and suddenly it's less.

Now less is not always better. I do see why they lowered gold on Storehouse, but less pet-battles? Why? That should be grindy. And down to one exalted, three may have been much, but one is just silly. It isn't BAD that some aspects of this game are grindy, don't make eveything free please...

zaterdag 6 december 2014

Pet Battle : Diablo??

So, I found this today in my garrison's pet arena.....

....yeah, Diablo in my Garrison.

donderdag 4 december 2014

Time to slow down...

It's just too much, or it was too much. Last friday, I figured out I had to level 20 followers to 100 to get a better bunker, which I really wanted that week for the free seal. I had only 11 of the 20. And to make things worse, I didn't even had 9 below-100 on Mardah. Luckily the barracks where about to finish, giving me the oppurtunity to reactivate some, but still... it seemed impossible.

Of course, with all the info, I missed a clue, which I luckily figured out the next day. A lot of those lvl3-building achievements are account-wide. Including this one...so I went Alt-mad. All my alts armies went on a rampage all through Draenor, doing as many quests as possible. Even quests with 51% chance to succeed where accepted, there is still base-xp.

To speed things up, I found it logical to get one of my alts closer to 100, like 96 to make another herb-garden, and to pick up some higher level followers.... I overshot a little, and my Shaman Verulani hit 100 somewhere on Sunday, ending with nagrand berries...

On Monday, I logged in after work, and did all my alts followers for the whole evening. This meant keeping check when to get back on an alt for finished missions. The first round, just logging in on every alt in Draenor, now 5 (excluding the Horde-Paladin), concluding missions, sending followers away, doing daily cooldowns, mining, sometimes herbing, took me a full hour. At which point the first missions where complete again....

At the end of the evening, I was 4 folloowers raised short, but I also had 1 lvl100 on Mardah, and a full party on Verulani who had a big chance to ding next morning...which they did. The completed Bunker gave me my first seal in the afternoon...  and I had made one thing clear to myself...I was not going to keep this up.

So, basically, I decided for myself that the micro-managing was over. I will be sending alt followers on mission once a day, and maybe check around 10 if I have time. Verulani may be a little more managed, but she first has to conclude Nagrand. With Verulani having a herbgarden, the seed-achievement went a lot quicker...and at this moment, my two lvl3-herb gardens are being built.

With the time i save, I also finished the Draenor Angling Achievement, and Mardah is on the quest to get Nat Pagle. I also did Drov yesterday..but because he drops gear 5 Ilvl's below Highmaul, I opted not to use any of my 4 seals I had at that time. Tonight Innovation will poke that raid.

Some things I noticed in my garrisons last weeks;
-NPC's do not walk through you.
-If you send out followers, they will actually walk out of the front gate.
-Followers run away like chickens when an Invasion starts
-There's an NPC in your main building who lets you view the cinematics you have encountered before.
-Seal-missions for followers can appear on non-lvl100 characters

woensdag 26 november 2014

The Alting has started.

After last post, I had to work a lot, so I did not do much besides garrison-stuff. Friday-evening I was set to do more. Specifically, follower-hunting...and when I was in Frostfire, my blocks electricity went awry...which took about 15 hours to fix....

So, with a Molten Core planned in the evening, I still needed to find 4 Ilvl's somehwere. And I hadn't done even any normal dungeons yet. But, luckily, after some PuGs, and some with guildies, my Ilvl reached 414.5, which is just enough to enter MC.

Oh, those dungeons went fairly fine. Some wipes due to adjustments, as in CC and Corner-pulls, but nothing new for a TBC-veteran like me....  oooh, did I saw a soulpriest? Ah yes, MC.....  But Molten Core... Innovation went in with 24 or so people, so 16 other people. Until the third boss, it was a disaster...  over-pulling, butt-pulling, trolling I guess..and a lot of skeletons. But after that, it was fine...just very long. At the end, I got myself a firey helmet, and a mount-in-thr-mail.

Sunday was alt-day. I already had my inscription-rogue Tiramuria at level 91. My Tailor/enchanter-shaman Verulani was also walking around in her Garrison. But I started with my Blacksmith/jewelcrafter Timicin. I had so much ore....  At the end of the day, all three where lvl92, and had their profession-buildings running, including a lvl2-mine for even more ore....

dinsdag 18 november 2014


Q - Ominipotent person in the Star Trek episodes from 1997 till 2004, played by John deLancie

QQ - Shortwriting for someone who is crying, a Q, representing a tear coming from an eye.

Queue - The place where half the World of Warcraft Players have been around 16-Nov-2015.

My last post made it clear, the Queue was there. Now, I was expecting queues. The last few weeks it sometimes popped up on Argent Dawn. But I was not expecting what would happen with Warlords. So, here is my recap of the first days of Warlords of Draenor.

The not-so black Temple
Day 1 - launch day (thursday)

I was home at around 15:33, and I hit the queue. More then 1500 before me, and it took me about 90 minutes to get in. Not that bad actually, a little longer then I expected, but not that bad. Later on I heard horror-stories of the queue, but well, I was in.

I did the normal thing, building garrisons, doing quests, around 21:00 the game couldn't handle it anymore. Before that, there where some problems with the garrisons, but at the end of the night, there was no NPC to be seen in the whole of Shadowmoon valley. I ended the night at around 91.7 level.

I did log in on all Alliance characters to start the rested-buff.

Day 2 - Halfing the servers (friday)

I logged in before work, to do some garrison stuff. I returned from work around 17:00 that day, and I entered the Horror-Queue. Argent Dawn already had a 2-hour queue before the servers max was halfed, so I was now looking at 2600 orso people in front of me, with an estimate of 12 hours....

The queue dropped rather quickly to around 1300 people (2 hours in), but after that..well... about 1 per minute was the droprate....   around 22:00 I quit, and went to bed.

Moons over Draenor

Day 3 - No WoW for me (saturday)

I again tried to log in early, before I had to go do some moving-stuff. But I hit the maintenance, so no garrsion-updates for me. When I returned in the evening, well.... I did put myself in...  but I stopped somewhere.

Day 4 - Finally (sunday)

I was an early bird, at around 6 in the morning I logged on, and didn't leave before 22:00, when I fell sleeping of my chair. Because of lost time, and all the alts that will follow, my mind entered levelling-stage. I did register what the Lore was about, but mostly it was about orcs, and shadowcouncil stuff. At the end of the day, Mardah was 98-something, about to enter Nagrand.

Mental Note: Do not skip SMV-quests, else you will sometimes not reach next level later on. Unless you do some of the random-quests that pop-up, which I almost didn't do. I also got my garrsion a long way, including a lvl2-mine (so much ore), a lvl2 tannery and a lvl2 Mill (more resources). At the end of the day, I had 1800 resources pooled for the lvl3-garrison...planning ahead

During one of the many hickup, I got my Scribe, Tiramuria the Rogue, her own garrison, including a level, and a scribe-building.

Day 5 - Normalising? (monday)

Again, a pre-work-garrison-thingie... I returned at around 16:00, had a queue of 20 minutes!! ans started the last bit in Nagrand. Around 20:00 the server borked with garrisons, so I got my tailor/enchanter, Verulani the Shaman, her garrison, sans the buildings though. The idea for this is that the passive resource-gathering from your chest is happening.

At around 22:30, Mardah was done, reaching level 100. The next two hours where clean-up time. Lvl3-garrison was founded, some new buildings, a quick trip to the Proving Grounds, where Mardah got silver without much hassle, and off to bed.

Mardah reaches level 100

Day 6 - ???? (today)

Log in before work, do garison-stuff...yeah..I am seeing a Trend here...back at 17:00...in the queue...wait no queue..allright....

donderdag 13 november 2014

Warlords of Draenor : The Argent Queue

Yes, at home, let's play the levelling game again....