donderdag 16 juli 2015

The Token and it's strange quirks?

I have been there.

There was a time in my live, not so long ago actually, where I was doing everything to save money. My monthly standard expenses like gas, electra, mortage where that high, that they almost exceeded my income. That is not a healthy place to be.

I had to really cut back on a lot of things, just be more careful how much you spend on stuff. I can go into detail, but this is not a 'How is my life'-blog, this is a World of Warcraft blog. So what does the above as to do with WoW?

Gold Tokens

Some of my sources reported a strange thing. Players trying to not use their Gold. Every time something cost gold in game, they weigh their options. Is it really worth buying it? What do I need it for? Just like in real life.

And most gold-spending is avoidable. Repair-bills? Join a raiding guild. Flightpath Costs? Just ride your mount. A new coin for gear, enough other options, even with the current need for Garrison Resources, they would opt for that , rather than paying 500 gold.

And for what?

To make sure they have enough gold to buy a token. That can be every month, although you do need a lot of time to make 50k/month I guess. Or to have enough gold, to get them through a rough spot in Real Life, and still be able to play World of Warcraft.

woensdag 10 juni 2015

Taking to the skies



Achievements to get flying

On all your lvl90+ characters in Draenor

I seem to not have a lot of them.

Only 35 Treasures I have?

And I need to secure Draenor

And a little exploration.

I approve of this

Although I have to do several jumping games..

If I want to play jumping games, I buy a jumping game :(

Oh, and some revered factions later on

And than,

To the sky, my alt-army

woensdag 27 mei 2015

State of affairs

I Raid

I am raiding four times a week for about four hours, although most of the time a little less. Three times I am on Mardah, one night on Gwaednerth. And that is what I have been doing last months. I am not even that bothered anymore to do all the garrison-stuff every day. I am swimming in raw materials for gems, enchants, potions and flasks. So I have reduced my WoW-time a lot last 2 months, including the blogging.

But some 'big' things have happened last month, and looking at my blogroll, a lot of it disagrees with 'veteran' players, but let us start where I left off almost two months ago, the token.

I was actually expecting myself to buy one token on the Horde-side. After getting to 100, Gwaednerth was broke. Just enough to get a level 3 garrison. And when the tokens where first announced, I was really thinking I would buy one to get some gold on the Horde. But then the gold-scavengers came along. Even without prioritizing gold-missions, or doing them every day, Gwaednerth now sits on 50k gold, more than enough for him.

Mardah's alliance army is even better of, I breached the 200k-mark not long ago. Most of the gold is coming from missions. either directly from gold-missions, or indirectly from whatever is in the crates I get. I don't even bother to list greenies anymore, just sell them, takes less time. Although having the WoW-app on my phone does make putting stuff on the AH a lot easier.

I do wonder, with gold being this easily Blizzard not making this game free-to-play-through-effort? And won't that actually hurt in the long term, when to many people want to buy game-tokens, but not enough people buy gold-tokens?

And then there is this flying stuff, or actually non-flying stuff. I am firmly in the camp that supports flying for max-levels. I wouldn't mind to the suggestion it should be gated. Either through an achievement for doing enough quests, or by becoming available next patch. In both cases Blizz statement of immersion would have been satisfied.

There is no satisfaction in mindlessy slaying minions just because it takes time..there is no immersion. Most of the time I just get annoyed by them, especially because they can knock me of my mount. After which I shadowmeld to drop aggro..and continue...or kill the poor sod in 10 seconds. It is just time-consuming, I am max-level, have a goal to reach, and want to be there asap. I will not look around.

But ingame at the moment, it does actually not matter that much. I do not have to get out to gather raid-consumables. My army of alts provide that for me with their garrisons. There are some exclusions of course. If I need that bloody stuff for gear upgrades, I have to get out of my garrison. Which means I take a flightpath to a certain goblin, and I am in the middle of the mobs.

Fishing is the same, flightpath to Yrel in Nagrand, walk a few yards, and start fishing. So I actually do not need flying at the moment..well..almost. There are two thing that irk me... one a little bit, another one a lot.

The fact that neither of the raids have a flightpath at their gates annoys me a little bit. It takes a 1-2 minute drive to get there from their closest flight masters. But that's it, a minor annoyance. There are not that many mobs you aggro when driving to the entrance, and you have the speed to outrun them anyway.

The real problem comes when you want to do two of the alternative fun-things to do in WoW. Battle-pets and Archaeology. The amount of times I stood before a steep unclimbable hill, with the pet atop or the survey pointing there was too much. I basically don't do those two things anymore because I do not have flying. It is just not fun to find your way around, it is just annoying.

Blizzard keeps stating they want to immerse us on the ground, but the fact is, that after I reach max-level, I prefer to stay at home, unless I can do something quickly, which makes flying almost mandatory. In all previous expansion, I went outside Shat/Dal/SW/Vale and did stuff, now, I am only sitting in my garriosn, because it annoys me to look for ancient artefacts.

And there is the news about the increasing Ilvl in the next raid. My opinion about this has been written down before, I do not like it. I would actually have no problem with an end-boss dropping higher Ilvl stuff, but the rest of the raid should be the same. It makes all those long-standing DKP-systems very quirky if different Ilvl is dropping all over the place. And I don't think Innovation is ready for a loot-council.

But to top it off....

Apparently warlock pets will be getting updated character models.

Their pets.

All their pets.

Of which only one is out.

Patch 1.8.0 (2005-10-10): Added.

And still not getting an updated model...

donderdag 21 mei 2015

Savage Hero

Innovation defeats Blackhand after 126 wipes

woensdag 8 april 2015


I am thinking about a follow up on the gold-thingie..but I am in Europe, so I can only watch from afar how that crazy thing does.

How does it feel, that your 20 dollars lost 20% of its worth in one day?

That seems like a huge dip.

I am so going to ask a collague about that this week, the one that teaches economics.

zondag 15 maart 2015

Soft-nerfing BRF

Blizzard put out a sunday-message giving a stetement about more Ilvl's on BRF-gear. The Idea behind it is that for players coming out of Highmaul, the new gear of BRF is a lot of times not really an upgrade. The extra 5 Ilvl's also extend to the tier4-crafted gear, and the apexis-gear...who even uses that?

There are several things I think about this. First up, I do like this. There some Highmaul gear in my bags, that I do not use, because of Tierpieces. Euipping the 2pT is a very big upgrade for me, even if one of those is Normal, and not heroic. Basically, my Normal Tier-shoulders are better than my Mythic Highmaul shoulders.

Wait...why are you doing Normal BRF, when you did Heroic Highmaul?  Training people. Innovation is doing the Normal versions of bosses before we try them on Heroic. That works best for us. So for Innovation, this is a great change.

The biggest problem what I have with this, is not the extra Ilvl's, but how this happened. 4 different levels of raiding, two different raids that are current, and each of them dropping normal gear, warforged stuff, gemmed stuff.... I can no longer see if a lower-Ilvl piece of gear with a socket, is better or worse than a higher Ilvl piece.

These days I have Mr Robot open during raids to quickly check if a drop is actually worth going for, and most of the time, it is not. If the piece is not WF, or gemmable, it is mostly useless. These 5 Ilvl's may just be enough to make it clear from the outset which is better.

It just feels like this Monstrosity of Item-levels Blizzard has created, and it only looks like it is spiraling out of control. Considering that in the first Tier of raiding, there is a 70 Ilvl gain, at this rate, we are going to need an item-squish every expansion...

donderdag 5 maart 2015

The Gold must Flow

My mind is still thinking about the ramifications of the gold-token. Blizzard has stated that they will probably change their policy with the Black Market Auction House prices, I guess they will be higher after the introduction of the wow-token. They have to do that else, who would buy a token for real money in the long run?

The normal AH will probably fluctuate a little after the introduction. There well be some new gold in the market, and some prices of high end drops may go up, but that will not contimue indefiantely. Most of the time, in what I see, price is not really determined by how much people want to pay for it, but mostly by availability. The more of something special there is on the AH, the less it will cost. The tendecy of sellers is to undercut everyone else.

And even IF people have more gold, who knows if they really want to spend it on something they have seen cheaper before? I wouldn't in real life, so I would probably won't in WoW either. But that's on the normal AH, where supply (mostly) and demand is in order. The BMAH is something differently.

On the BMAH, the startprice is set by Blizzard, which will be higher when the token comes. And this is the only place where buying a token for ingame gold makes sense, because the BMAH has a very low supply, of very rare items. And by making the startprice higher, Blizzard actuallly puts in place the part of the system why people would buy a token. The normal AH itself would probably not make enough havoc to make it work, but very rare stuff..well.

But I am still a little 'worried' about the whole system itself. I still think there will be more people wanting to use gold for gametime, then vice-versa. Taking myself as an example, I would probably buy one at the start of patch 6.1.2(or whatever it is going to be called), just to see how it works...and get an achievement probably....

But, in my example of this monday, I used 15 euros for 30k gold. It is actaully not that difficult to get that amount of gold during a month while just playing. Some gold-scavengers with your followers. The income of the salvage yards. Doing an old raid. Gold comes from everywhere.

Finding that treshold where the euros match the gold will be a hard trick to master, and will go upwards. If I buy a token, and get 30k in return. A second 30k will be less worth for me. A third even less, and there comes that point, very fast, where the euro-gold transfer will not be in my satisfaction.

But, it will be nice for people with some gold on their accounts, who haven't played in a while, they can come back for a month with goold from ages past, although I wonder, if there is much 'frozen'gold on defunct accounts.

What will happen according to my non-economic mind?

The first few months it will work nicely, but than the supply of tokens on the AH will become lower, the original sellers now have enough gold, so they are not using their euros anymore. So, to keep the system going, more gold for less euros is needed, but that will mean the gold-price will be to high for some of the people. So, it's waiting on that month, where to few people actually bought a token from the AH, so the supply is high.

The sellers of the tokens will then feel the impact. Not only did their token not sell, and in their mind that is a waste of real money. The next month the euro-gold conversion is lower.  You get less gold for something that may not even sell... so why would I do that? The believe in the system is gone, doubt rises...And you have the beginnings of a real WoW-commerce-crash.