vrijdag 27 februari 2009

Sunken Temple

I am done with it, I DPS-ed or healed it about 15 times the past two weeks, but last night I completed the Egg of Hakar quest, got myself a nice necklace, and skinned the last things there.

It was also a long run, we started with me, Moonkin healing, a dps-warrior, a warlock, a rogue and a Tankadin, all 50+. Well, right at the start, the warlock d/c-ed and didn't return, np, we can 4-man it. Our Tankadin used good positioning, and used his consecration right, but.... no useage of Holy Shield, no BoSanc, and Judgement of the stun...while he complained about mana. So I gave him some pointers...which he didn't take. After a little arguement he left, we found ourselves a Holy Priest and A Hunter, and we continued. I was now DPS-ing, the dps-warrior tanking.

After killing the dual-boss, the warrior d/c-ed. So I hopped into Dire Bear, and tanked with spellpower cloth/leather :p. After telling everyone to wait ten seconds so I could at least get some aggro, we worked our way to Hakkar, and killed him. But then came some mobs which took me down...right at the moment the warrior returned...in the nick of time...

So we cleared the whole instance in 2.5 hours orso, with me tanking, healing and dps-ing at some poiunt in the run. Kudos to the Rogue and Priest who just continued. Now its time to get me a party to Blackrock Depths, which actually stays together for 4 hours to complete it... oh-oh.

On wednesday, I logged into Gowron. He is back in XII, mostly with an advisory roll, but alas, I signed in for the raid, which got cancelled due to lack of healers. Counting me (I offered to respec), we had 4...maybe I try it again tonight.

And I read myself some 3.1 info. Well, a larger post should be committed to that, but Tankadins get a new talent, the talent of overhealing :p. A must have Glyph,3% damage-reduction when Divine Plea is ticking, which probably always be ticking due to some new rewording of talents. Some free points to spend in god nows what. A lot of PvP-abilities high in the tree. Blessing of Kings Baseline. Blessing of Sanctuary which only returns mana now and some other things probably. BUT IT'S NOT LIVE YET. Lots of things will probably change, so not much commenting

Now, let's hope I get a decnt BRD-party

woensdag 18 februari 2009

...just a little update.

Mardah is now a chicken, more mana, more mana-regen, more spelldamage, so better for healing. resto just sucks at levelling.

Lurge is 22, going 23 :p

And I made a lot of little alts, including 2 paladins....

maandag 9 februari 2009


Well, one week of not being a HC-raider anymore...
..means lots of sleep, going to bed 60-90 minutes earlier really makes me more awake during the day.

But what did I do in WoW last week?

I did some PvP last week with my druid, I sat through 10 EotS, and finally had 20 marks, so she has her first epic at level 40..

I levelled a Pallie to lvl19, to play with a rogue hunter I know.

And I created a new character on an RP-PVP server...O_o
He is an undead frost-specced mage....called Lurge, I need to get him to around level 20, to start playing with a feral and a resto-druid I ran into...

dinsdag 3 februari 2009


Blog #92

Gowron is now on sabattical.

Nothing is written in stone, and someday I may play with him again.

For now, I just continue playing my druid or pally on khadgar an hour or two a day.

maandag 2 februari 2009

Finally... and now?

Well, it has been a nice week. Somewhere last week I got some new bracers from Naxx, so I used the badges...rrr.. emblems to get me the Platinum Mesh Cloak and the Ring, which made me full level-80 epic... for one day, becasue the next day, The Essence of Gossamer finally dropped... 30k unbuffed baby :p

And of course, with the help of some PuGs, with me being first or second on DPS, I got the Title I really wanted:


And on Khadgar, my druid reached 39, which ofc meant that I did some PvP. I did reasonable well, but I have to get used to the n52te-gamepad that I got last week. I also healed three runs into Uldaman...as healer ofc. It's hard healing the tank if he keeps getting out of LoS... but in the end I completed it. And because I didn't felt like playing druid or horde, I created Ezrila (sounds familiar??). Gues what class she is....just whacking away near stormwind (although I did pick up the moonglade-fp quickly :p)

Blood and Tears is now on a 3-day schedule, clearing Naxx25 in 3 hours, leaving 2 days for Sartarion and Malygos (the latter being done in 15 minutes), just waiting till patch 3.1...