maandag 2 februari 2009

Finally... and now?

Well, it has been a nice week. Somewhere last week I got some new bracers from Naxx, so I used the badges...rrr.. emblems to get me the Platinum Mesh Cloak and the Ring, which made me full level-80 epic... for one day, becasue the next day, The Essence of Gossamer finally dropped... 30k unbuffed baby :p

And of course, with the help of some PuGs, with me being first or second on DPS, I got the Title I really wanted:


And on Khadgar, my druid reached 39, which ofc meant that I did some PvP. I did reasonable well, but I have to get used to the n52te-gamepad that I got last week. I also healed three runs into healer ofc. It's hard healing the tank if he keeps getting out of LoS... but in the end I completed it. And because I didn't felt like playing druid or horde, I created Ezrila (sounds familiar??). Gues what class she is....just whacking away near stormwind (although I did pick up the moonglade-fp quickly :p)

Blood and Tears is now on a 3-day schedule, clearing Naxx25 in 3 hours, leaving 2 days for Sartarion and Malygos (the latter being done in 15 minutes), just waiting till patch 3.1...

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