dinsdag 11 april 2017

Mission Accomplished

Mardah scouting the Nighthold on a flying disk

With the new abilities and powers from patch 7.2, what happened was logical of course, most of us are no throwing two non-shit-legendaries and at least 2 tier pieces, if not 4, against the fights.

But this strory is still a little different than what we do normally, it all started some days before the patch. We had four bosses left, Tichondrius, Star Augur, Elisande and of course, Gul'dan. We had been working on Tichondrius a little bit, but the week before the patch, our leaders steered us towards Star Augur.

This fight had the reputation of being irritating..so we killed him in 3 or 4 pulls. After the patch dropped we cleared heroic again, and also took down Tichondrius. Next Target was Elisande, which went down after only 4 wipes, and then, Evallyn our GM basically said, no other bosses till Gul'dan.

So, with a few try-put pokes on Tuesday, the lockout was extended, and we went in on on Thursday, where Gul'dan gave us an old evening of wiping on a Boss, 12 times he defeated us that night. So, Sunday-evening we went in again..with one twitch for me... I was designated healer for the night.

Tuesday's Tanks, Moreor and Illistra

Innovation has a problem with healers at the moment, luckily both me, and Synthea the Shadow-priest are keeping our Healing Set a little up to date. Synthea healed Thursday, now it was my turn. So I studied a little more on how to tree.

I experimented somewhat on the first pulls, the choice was between more potent Efflorescences, that is the mushroom-AoE, or more potent Wild Growths. I didn't feel the AoE was helping much, to often Gul'dan was pulled out of shroom-range, so I decided to go for more powerful Wild Growths, by going for Soul of the Forest and Prosperity.

Our first pull was almost the last, it all looked good, till 10%, that was the moment everything went awry. The next two pulss where very short, and short, wipe-calls due to to many deaths. Pull 4 went perfect, but the 10% mark was again a problem. So we went into a break with lots of discussion adn soul searching.

I think most of us really got it in their head that we really didn't want any souls in the well, whatever happened, get rid of the souls, and with the help of an extra healer in the person of Kristenveldt, we pulled again.

After 3 minutes, one of our tanks needed a battle rez, but still, that was the first death, there would not be a death for another 6 and a half minute, so we could save up our rezzes. At 9.48 into the fight, I either didn't noticed I had the debuff, or someone else dumped a big fiery patch under me, which I was a little late to realize..GET OUT OF THE FIRE..to late, I got rezzed. A minute later, a tank got one, but..still, the souls didn't really got time to gather, a healer went down..I think he got a brez, not sure.. Kitty didn't get a rez...to much to do, run into the souls, run away with fire, big black patch of death, A demon hunter hit the dirt..than serenity... we survived another gathering of souls.. one more than the last pulls... push push, MOONFIRE!, heal more..what is happening...

After 19 wipes, 11 minutes and 55 seconds, our screens flared up with the Ahead of the Curve achievement
Guild-first picture by Evallyn