vrijdag 23 juli 2010

He is coming.....

The fog was just starting to clear,
daybreak was upon them,
but there was a foul stench in the air,
something different.

They heard him first,
the sound of a riding horse
echoed through the valley,
and all looked up.

Between the hills he came,
onwards with a steady pace,
nothing could stop him,
until he reached his destiny.

Now, where did I leave those LotR-DVD's.. or do I even have them...

woensdag 21 juli 2010

Dodge this.

First: Beta has a new talent tree up for Paladins. Now I am not going to deeply into it, because it is probably far from finished, but it seems we'll be watching procs a lot more, which I don't like as a tank, procs means chance, so I need to gamble with the the other players present.

Now on to the main dish.

GC has stated that he wants avoidance to matter more then now. One of the things changed is that *gasp* healers have to look at their mana again.

No let me take you back. In the old days of TBC, me first voyages into Karazhan was as Holy (long story). So I actually healed there. I had no add-ons to help me, and I just looked at health bars, and pushing 1 (FoL), 2 (HL) or 3 (HL rank 7). But I got away with reactive healing. Tank (or someone else) took damage, throw a heal at him/her. This meant that I didn't waste mana on healing-not-needed. And still I needed to pop a pot every 2 minutes to keep enough mana for the whole fight.

My Primary spell was FoL, because it was cheap, my second most-used spell was HL rank 7, not the max rank. It was cheaper and filled the gap between HL and FL max ranks. It was all about mana.

Now I also healed sometimes in Ulduar, and my memory of that was very simple. Target tank-->spam Holy Light. Mana-problems? Never, I sometimes had to use Divine plea to get mana back, but I can't remember using a pot.

Now these are two completely different healing-methods, and it also effects how tanks played and geared. If you gear/gem like today, which is pointed towards Stamina and Armor, there maybe a problem. You will take most of the hits, so you need to get healed often, if not always, else you die. Now with infinite mana this is not a problem, healers just spam-heal you, but what would happen with the healers mana, if it wasn't infinite? There would be a good chance that your healer would run oom halfway the fight.

And that's the reason tanks used to look at dodge/parry a lot more in TBC then now. A hit avoided would mean that your healer wouldn't have to heal you, which meant that he had more mana. But there-in lies another problem. If the hits where that big, that 2 would kill the tank, the healers still needed to spam-heal the tank, because you don't know before hand if the hit would land or be avoided. You could cancel the heal just before casting, but imho, that often fails, because of lag or because you took the cast-time to look around to others (or colored ground).

So, for dodge/parry to become important again, healers should again be able to heal reactively, instead of pro-active like now. Because that's how is healed these days, just spam HL, and don't worry how hard the tanks get hit. That would mean that bosses can't 2-shot the tank anymore. A normal hit on a (content-geared) tank should only take of 30% of his health, so healers can react to it, and if the hit is avoided, they don't have to heal the tank.

Back in Kara, I never topped of the tanks, I always had them at around 92%. If I would heal the tank, some mana would be wasted, and the tank had enough health to survive at least two hits. So if he got hit, and was thrown, to say 50%, I could fire off an expensive HL, or use two small FoL. Probably the latter, because another healer would probably also toss a heal, and I could actually save the mana from one FoL. It also opened up the possibility to look at the raid, and use a heal there. If the tank was still above 70%, no heal was directly needed, I could finish of a heal on a DPS orso, and then heal the tank. Chance was he would avoid the next hit, so I had some time, and even if it wasn't avoided, the tank would still be alive and ready to receive some oh-shit heals.

So for the TL;DR version:

If Avoidance should matter for tanks again, boss-hits must be smaller, and the mana of healers should not be infinite.

And for the record, I am still in the mind-set, that my weapon should be enchanted for threat (spelldamage in TBC, agi/crit/hit today), and that one trinket-slot is for stamina, an the other for avoidance, or an on-use avoidance ability.

donderdag 15 juli 2010

How not to Halls of Lightning

Sometimes you get real beautiful PuG's.

Halls of Lightning

First Boss:
He has an aggro-range of miles, so by all means healer, go stand there, and pull him. Oh, you only have 5% health left, while the rest needs healing due to Whirlwind... luckily I have lay on hands.

Just after that:
Slags, run through them, round them up, and to be sure, Divine Protection... and yes mage, healers and DK, by all means stand right besides me.... rez-rez-rez....

Just after second boss:
Healer is Shammie, where are my Tremors???

Third Boss:
You know dispers? Well, healer+DK, by all means, don't run... activate DP, use trinket, use Nightmare Seed (yes, I still have some), kill boss. Rez...rez.. oh healer already ran in.

Whirlwinding trash
Bye DK

Oh yes healer+mage, by no means stand close.... LoH the healer, mage dead, healer drops group before ressing, probably because of the 'WTF no heals' from the mage.

Well, at least I was not bored :)

vrijdag 9 juli 2010

Talented Down.

Inbetween all the realID-stuff, Blizzard did announce something new last week, revamped talent trees.

-At level 10, you choose a talent tree
-You can only spec into that tree until you have 31 points in it-You get some tree-specific cool abilities at level 10
-You get 1 talentpoint/2 levels (down from 1)
-If you don't get a talentpoint, visit your trainer for something new.

At level 10, you choose a talent tree

So let's me look at all this, and start with a question. Which is the best talent-spec for tankadins at level 39?

If you came up with a 0/xx/0 build, you are wrong (imho), the best build for tankadins at level 39 is this. I must say, this comes from a not widly used glyph, the Glyph of Seal of Command. So, not only SoC gives you a lot of snap-aggro on 3 targets, it will also give you mana back, so almost no downtime in dungeons. And a lot of crit, which means more damage, which means more aggro.

Another question, what spec should a 39-protection-warrior have? Well, here is my tree I had at that level. The reason? This spec lets you have a charge without losing rage after changing stances (macro-time), and with the increase on crit from the talent Incite, there's a good chance you have a bleed-DoT on several targets through Deep Wounds.

Now, take in account, that the possibility that you can join LFD a non-protection specced character will probably not be possible any more (would be logic). So, these two specs wil not be possible anymore (besides the fact that you don't get that many points). One is not protection, the other is a dual-spec (15/0/15).

So, whine, whine, not good, let's protest ag... oh wait... Now if you read this, there's a 89% chance that you actually know how the game works. But do new players now this? Can you imagine that a new player will be very confused if everyone says that the best tanking tree for Paladins is not the the Tanking Tree, but the DPS-tree? So, I think this step is a very good one.

You can only spec into that tree until you have 31 points in it

But, but, won't all the specs be the same then? Yes, of course, like they are now, except maybe for 2-3 points. So please don't go that way, cookie-cutter was invented for a reason. It will be the end of some strange specs though. Looking at the past, a Shockadin-build will be impossible, just as my still-much-loved 0/40/21 spec I had in TBC. You need to have the top-talent in your spec, before you actually spec into another tree, which most specs actually do, so...

You get some tree-specific cool abilities at level 10

Think Shaman-DW, Divine Storm. For enhancement Shamans, this means that they can actually BE enhancement Shaman at level 10, instead of waiting till 40 for Dual Wield. This alone is reason enough to make it a good descision. I don't know more specifics about these abilities, but wouldn't a DW-2H warrior be cool at 10?

-You get 1 talentpoint/2 levels (down from 1)
-If you don't get a talentpoint, visit your trainer for something new.

So, every new level we got something new, mmm, are they really going to give us 30+ different spells? Remember, they already said that ranking up for spells you already got will be automatic. Seems a lot to me.

Conclusion: I think I like these changes, although I do have my questions by the 'every level something new'-statement. Also, no idea what the trees will look like. we know the +5% to something talents will disappear, but what about some situational talents we have? Will there only be 31 points to be spend in a tree? Or will we still have some filler-talents for fun (like Unholy DK's Corpse explosion?), time will tell....

Real No Idea

-----> That way (bloglist)

The players won?


donderdag 8 juli 2010


Just before the whole RealID blew up, I again read some posts on Inscription. There seems to be ab oppurtunity there to make a lot of gold. Well, why?

I maybe buy 15 glyphs per char, and keep them a long time. I see no reason at this moment to replace my DP,Sense Undead and taunt-glyphs. And most of the glyphs are only 10g max. That's ONE daily, which is a lot faster then logging on my inscriber, finding the flowers on the AH, smashing them to pulp, making ink, making glyph. Of all my characters who make stuff, my inscriber is only good for making armor/weapon-glyphs, which I have a lot of at this moment. More then enough to make all the enchants I want on all my alts.

Now, maybe if I was a progression-tank, I may carry around a lot of glyphs to switch around. But how many hardcore-guilds will enforce that rule? And how many HC-guilds are there on your server? 4? 5? Off which 70% probably don't need to switch around.

I just don't see why the glyph-business can make that much gold?

Oh, and yes, I am interested in the new talent trees, gief more info on the talents. But paladins probably have to wait till last....

woensdag 7 juli 2010

RealID, do we have the power?

Oh, a Tidal-wave is rolling along, let's jump into it.

So, the blogworld is swarming with RealID-posts.

To be honest, personally I don't care that much (at the moment). If you type in my (real) name, you already get a lot of information about me, posts on Magic-forums, posts on trek-forums, travian, Rock wrchter, Hyves (dutch facebook) and some more.

But, that is my choice. It was not forced upon me. And on some forums I posted on (hello Maintankadin) my name is Gowron, Not A**** D****. And I like to keep that choice. we are not living in 1984 here, aren't we?

Now don't expect me to cancel my subscription (oh, from a Doors-song), but I am wondering about a comment I made in a post a while back.

At the beginning, someone known as 'Tamarind', together with someone known as 'Miss Medicina', created something different, a guild for bloggers and readers. And I wondered if we in the future, as voice of all the players, could make a difference...

The Post

maandag 5 juli 2010

...and six.

'Whoops, I did it again.'
(B. Spears)

Cymar is now an 80 Affliction Warlock, I did a long run this weekend, even snatching up 4 frosties and a 232-cloak from Ahune. Coupled with the Summerfestival Swirling Bonus, Cymar hit 80 somewhere sunday late afternoon. So after some althops, some new Ilvl200 gear I went into the LFD for emblems.

Now, with still 2 heirloomtrinkets and the pvp-heirloom staff, I am doing 2000+ dps, which methinks is fairly good. Especially considering that you needed 1500 dps for Patchwerk (iirc). But my my, wat a %#@&heads are around.

Now, my complete ignore-list was empty, there were no real lesser experiences until I hit the Heroic-LFD.

Now, there are several things.
-1: I don't have a real dps-chart, because we only did 2 bosses, and this was OK
-2: This is during Voljaz (last boss) in OK
-3: Dps-meters don't work here, because you only record you own dps during Insanity.
-4: Instead of actually right-clicking on the last mob standing, he actually typed, prolonging it's life.
-5: And to top it off, the healer/tank weren't really better, continually harrassing the rogue (Ghaz) because he didn't know some tactics....
-6: And Gz bear, on needing the spellpowerstaff.....

Within 24 hours, I have seen it all. DPS who just do nothing, because the other 4 in the group want to do all bosses. Swearing, after someone asks politely to do some more bosses. DPS leaving during bossfights, because they are to 'Sexy for their Shirt'. Healers leaving during bossfight, while soulstoned, because someone died (or someones). Tanks just chainpulling, not looking at either the healers mana, or if there is maybe a loose mob. Warlocks getting aggro because of Seed-spam.. oh wait, that would be me :). At least I am talented in aggro->run to tank.

Luckily, vacation is coming, probably lessening the 'Kids'....