maandag 5 juli 2010

...and six.

'Whoops, I did it again.'
(B. Spears)

Cymar is now an 80 Affliction Warlock, I did a long run this weekend, even snatching up 4 frosties and a 232-cloak from Ahune. Coupled with the Summerfestival Swirling Bonus, Cymar hit 80 somewhere sunday late afternoon. So after some althops, some new Ilvl200 gear I went into the LFD for emblems.

Now, with still 2 heirloomtrinkets and the pvp-heirloom staff, I am doing 2000+ dps, which methinks is fairly good. Especially considering that you needed 1500 dps for Patchwerk (iirc). But my my, wat a %#@&heads are around.

Now, my complete ignore-list was empty, there were no real lesser experiences until I hit the Heroic-LFD.

Now, there are several things.
-1: I don't have a real dps-chart, because we only did 2 bosses, and this was OK
-2: This is during Voljaz (last boss) in OK
-3: Dps-meters don't work here, because you only record you own dps during Insanity.
-4: Instead of actually right-clicking on the last mob standing, he actually typed, prolonging it's life.
-5: And to top it off, the healer/tank weren't really better, continually harrassing the rogue (Ghaz) because he didn't know some tactics....
-6: And Gz bear, on needing the spellpowerstaff.....

Within 24 hours, I have seen it all. DPS who just do nothing, because the other 4 in the group want to do all bosses. Swearing, after someone asks politely to do some more bosses. DPS leaving during bossfights, because they are to 'Sexy for their Shirt'. Healers leaving during bossfight, while soulstoned, because someone died (or someones). Tanks just chainpulling, not looking at either the healers mana, or if there is maybe a loose mob. Warlocks getting aggro because of Seed-spam.. oh wait, that would be me :). At least I am talented in aggro->run to tank.

Luckily, vacation is coming, probably lessening the 'Kids'....

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