woensdag 7 juli 2010

RealID, do we have the power?

Oh, a Tidal-wave is rolling along, let's jump into it.

So, the blogworld is swarming with RealID-posts.

To be honest, personally I don't care that much (at the moment). If you type in my (real) name, you already get a lot of information about me, posts on Magic-forums, posts on trek-forums, travian, Rock wrchter, Hyves (dutch facebook) and some more.

But, that is my choice. It was not forced upon me. And on some forums I posted on (hello Maintankadin) my name is Gowron, Not A**** D****. And I like to keep that choice. we are not living in 1984 here, aren't we?

Now don't expect me to cancel my subscription (oh, from a Doors-song), but I am wondering about a comment I made in a post a while back.

At the beginning, someone known as 'Tamarind', together with someone known as 'Miss Medicina', created something different, a guild for bloggers and readers. And I wondered if we in the future, as voice of all the players, could make a difference...

The Post

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