donderdag 29 mei 2008

Libram of Divine Purpose

Tonight, for the second time, the Seventh Ring of the Tirisfalen dropped on trash in TK. The first time I sort-of-passed it to Egonspengler, but this time I took it. And I immediately got a nice surprise when I equiped it... I was more then 5.40% uncrushable... Amd I had the LoDP withe me :p

The other Surprise came, when I equipped my spelldamage-gear, and finding out that with the Libram of Repentance, I was actually Uncrusable, withh 1% over the limit.... maybe I should look at that 60-spelldamage-BoJ reward now :P
Boss/Avoidance-set (unbuffed)
15577 hp
5538 mana
17087 armor
494 defense
25.96% dodge
16.56% parry
19.38% block
424 spelldamage
T4-set-bonus(2) + Libram of Divine Purpose

13677 hp
6633 mana
15905 armor
495 defense
22.73% dodge
16.60% parry
18.16% block
517 Spelldamage

woensdag 28 mei 2008

Dump People Shooting

And again, a guild-first last night.
Hydross, the Unstable was the victim this time.

Not really much to say, I was the Frost-Tank. The warrior Egonspengler, the Nature-tank, and it took us 2.5 hours to learn the DPS to stop DPS :P.

My frost-gear is capped (365) and uncrittable with only one blue (necklace). But because we were half in fight, something went wrong with equipping my gear. Instead of the Time-Shard (resilience+Stamina), I still carried the Pocket Watch, which meant I was crittable... uh-huh.
But sometimes mistakes need to be made, due to Omen-problems(the warlock on top of omen, had the lowest damage done ever), we weren't fast enough, and went into enrage.
2 seconds before enrage, I noticed that I was still wearing the Pocket Watch....
So, the last 12 seconds of the fight, I got only one hit:
Hydross hits you for 20k.... 15k resisted

Next time, I unequip the Commendation, and keep the Pocket-Watch...
sometimes mistakes, need to be made...

maandag 26 mei 2008


Last night, XII killed Morogrim, not much to say really.
We had a 2% wipe, because people forgot that Murlocks still came after 25%.

I also respecced my retridin last night.
She had 1900AP/29%crit unbuffed, and could do 650 dps.
But, because running heroics with Gowron is boring nowadays,
and our guild low on healers during the weekends for heroics,
I respecced her to Holy,
+1900 Healing/100mp5/25%holycrit/11k-mana.

So, bind the 1-key to FoL, and all others to HL.
Hit 1 all the times,
and in case of emergency...smash head into keyboard.

zondag 25 mei 2008

Mount Hyjal 1/5... and some more

Second Night to Mount Hyjal.
First Try... 1%-wipe....
Second Try...Rage Winterchill Down

XII is the 3rd guild who has done that, horde-side, on Ghostlands-EU.
And although some people may think it is all about badge-gear,
getting 25 man together to actually be concentrated enough to do this, is hard.

We also got to the eight wave to the second boss, but people forgot to heal/dps when this Baby dropped, and I outbid everyone with my first bid...

....I am a little bit Happy :p

maandag 19 mei 2008

XII on the move

One of the best experiences in the game, is downing a new boss.
And XII has done several the last few weeks.

Last nigth, we had our 4-hour-sunday-raid. Because VR was already down :P, Solarion was next on the list. I had the job of Raidleading, which essentially meant that I almost did not do anything but mark, and RD breaking sheeps. Until we found a pack of around 8 mobs, with the same name as those leading to Alar... I wonder, should we use that many sheeps before Alar, or can they be AoE-ed down as well...

Without much trouble we reached Solarion, circle-cleared the room, and went for our first try. It now becomes somewhat of a Tradition that an officer causes the first wipe on a new boss :p, this time it was Hellcatherin, who sent us all flying in the air, and splat went 18 raid-members, big laughing followed :p

After several more bomb-wipes, the concetration went skyhigh when we found out that the trash had respawned, and after 3 hours in TK, we got Solarion to 20%, with all of the raid still standing (well, we had 2 battle-ress)... and Solarion on 20% is a win.

The drops included a warrior-dps trinket, a healing plate, and new boots for me :), I am now sitting comfortable above the 15k-health-mark. Either tonight or tomorrow we go for Alar, which means all but one mage has to respec...LOL

...and on another note, last friday we went to MH, to have some fun... wipefest to get some epics and Hearts of Darkness. That mission succeeded, 3 epics dropped and 3 HoD. And at raid end we actually killed wave 8.... ohoh, so a SoR later, I was dancing with Winterchill, we got her down to 48%, and now we know what Death and Decay looks like :P... she is doabale, the trash-waves are the hardest part. XII really had fun in there, and we had a good start, someone talked to Jaina, while no one was buffed... so when I saw the Fiends coming over the hill, the Tankadin in me awoke.. ran in.. dropped consecration, and we went, unbuffed I might say, till wave 6. Next time my Hammer will drop :p

donderdag 15 mei 2008

Void Reaver down...

And tonight we got Void Reaver.
I got my T5-shoulders, which actually are bringing be below 15k health again.
I am at 105-something uncrushability and 14997 health.

I had the honor of starting the fight, and in full spelldamage gear, sporting a flask of blinding light and some spelldamage-food, I held him until around 45%.

And Calibaen, one of the mages, made a Video...
look at the tiny figure with wings :p, if VR is facing towards Calibaen.
XII first Void Reaver kill

vrijdag 9 mei 2008

A nice week,

It has been a nice week.

Monday,XII killed Gruul for the first time, and I accidentaly got aggro, and didn't lost it until I died at 10%. I think some of the Healers didn't saw that I had aggro.

I also got the Bulwark of the Amani Empire on a quick ZA-run

Tuesday we went to Void Reaver, and I hold aggro till around 40%, Too bad we wiped at 8%,but we will get him.

Wednesday the guild went to SSC-Lurker, and I put myself out of the raid. They still needed me, and I OT one of the adds. Lurker down again.

Thursday we went to Maghteridon, and being a progression-run I MT-ed Maggie. Nice Head on the pole in Thrallmar. That's 2 Guild-First this week :p

Friday we are going to MH.... well, guess where I am hoping for :p

woensdag 7 mei 2008


Bulwark of the Amani Empire

.....'nuff said.

zondag 4 mei 2008

Crusader Strike FTW

Due to fortunate circumstances, I got myself a 1800 AP Retridin.
30% crit, almost epic-ed out, with a lot of S3-gear (which is better then most T5-stuff).

And I like it, I am hitting 600+ dps in Karazhan,
I give 2% more damage to the group,
3% more crit to the raid,
and judgement-refreshments.

Being Able to whack at mobs with Stormherald, is fun, especially because I never played a melee-dps before. I actually installed a swing timer to look at when to judge/crusader strike.
And I went with her to heroic BF, and the SoB-Libram dropped, hurray.

Gowron Finally got Exalted with SSO this week, getting 2 new shields, finally un-equipping The Chest of Sha'Tar for the first time since october. Still no trinket though.
And my guild XII, just expanded with 15 new, good-geared people. We have planned 25-man raids for the whole month of may. It will be a busy month.

And I have pulled Lurge out of XII, putting him into a bank-guild. He is now master transmuter, and every day he transmutes something. I still like playing with the frost-mage, but three lvl70 characters... lol, gief more hours in a d ay :p

Now, tonight is TK-time, I hope we get VR down. I will start the fight with full spelldamage-gear, rocking around 600 I suppose, and hopefully keep aggro till around 10% :p