maandag 19 mei 2008

XII on the move

One of the best experiences in the game, is downing a new boss.
And XII has done several the last few weeks.

Last nigth, we had our 4-hour-sunday-raid. Because VR was already down :P, Solarion was next on the list. I had the job of Raidleading, which essentially meant that I almost did not do anything but mark, and RD breaking sheeps. Until we found a pack of around 8 mobs, with the same name as those leading to Alar... I wonder, should we use that many sheeps before Alar, or can they be AoE-ed down as well...

Without much trouble we reached Solarion, circle-cleared the room, and went for our first try. It now becomes somewhat of a Tradition that an officer causes the first wipe on a new boss :p, this time it was Hellcatherin, who sent us all flying in the air, and splat went 18 raid-members, big laughing followed :p

After several more bomb-wipes, the concetration went skyhigh when we found out that the trash had respawned, and after 3 hours in TK, we got Solarion to 20%, with all of the raid still standing (well, we had 2 battle-ress)... and Solarion on 20% is a win.

The drops included a warrior-dps trinket, a healing plate, and new boots for me :), I am now sitting comfortable above the 15k-health-mark. Either tonight or tomorrow we go for Alar, which means all but one mage has to respec...LOL

...and on another note, last friday we went to MH, to have some fun... wipefest to get some epics and Hearts of Darkness. That mission succeeded, 3 epics dropped and 3 HoD. And at raid end we actually killed wave 8.... ohoh, so a SoR later, I was dancing with Winterchill, we got her down to 48%, and now we know what Death and Decay looks like :P... she is doabale, the trash-waves are the hardest part. XII really had fun in there, and we had a good start, someone talked to Jaina, while no one was buffed... so when I saw the Fiends coming over the hill, the Tankadin in me awoke.. ran in.. dropped consecration, and we went, unbuffed I might say, till wave 6. Next time my Hammer will drop :p

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