maandag 26 mei 2008


Last night, XII killed Morogrim, not much to say really.
We had a 2% wipe, because people forgot that Murlocks still came after 25%.

I also respecced my retridin last night.
She had 1900AP/29%crit unbuffed, and could do 650 dps.
But, because running heroics with Gowron is boring nowadays,
and our guild low on healers during the weekends for heroics,
I respecced her to Holy,
+1900 Healing/100mp5/25%holycrit/11k-mana.

So, bind the 1-key to FoL, and all others to HL.
Hit 1 all the times,
and in case of emergency...smash head into keyboard.

1 opmerking:

Unknown zei

How did u suddenly end up with +1900 healing? Oh! I forgot that Ezrila was a healer originally :p

I am not sure that smashing my face on the keyboard will get over my lag while I try to heal on Eshmoun. LOL
The other day, even normal SL was a disaster and I had to leave with a 5+ seconds lag. Nice number for raiding :p
Need to fix lag soon :(

Now, do something useful and heal me! hehe