woensdag 28 mei 2008

Dump People Shooting

And again, a guild-first last night.
Hydross, the Unstable was the victim this time.

Not really much to say, I was the Frost-Tank. The warrior Egonspengler, the Nature-tank, and it took us 2.5 hours to learn the DPS to stop DPS :P.

My frost-gear is capped (365) and uncrittable with only one blue (necklace). But because we were half in fight, something went wrong with equipping my gear. Instead of the Time-Shard (resilience+Stamina), I still carried the Pocket Watch, which meant I was crittable... uh-huh.
But sometimes mistakes need to be made, due to Omen-problems(the warlock on top of omen, had the lowest damage done ever), we weren't fast enough, and went into enrage.
2 seconds before enrage, I noticed that I was still wearing the Pocket Watch....
So, the last 12 seconds of the fight, I got only one hit:
Hydross hits you for 20k.... 15k resisted

Next time, I unequip the Commendation, and keep the Pocket-Watch...
sometimes mistakes, need to be made...

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