woensdag 17 augustus 2011

It's coming....

Of course, within 24 hours of my 'what is coming post', the information is starting to leak :P

First up was Ghostcrawler with the threat-change (which is already live). At first I was sceptical about this, more stuff to make it easier on dps, now they don't even have to watch their threat. But then I thought of the amount of times I was threat-capped in heroics, because I overgeared the tank that much, that my third thick from Moonfire almost pulled aggro of him.

This change makes it easier for tanks to hold aggro, and not get that 'what-did-I-do-wrong'-feeling. It may even be more effective then the extra rewards for tanks, because they can hold aggro, and not get blamed by the overzealous dps for losing it.

Then there was an interview on a german site, mmo-champion has the translation. First surprising news for me was that patch 4.3 will bring Deathwing. So, unless they do a Sunwell on us, that will be the last patch, and patch 5.0 should come a lot earlier then late 2012 then, probably in the summer?

There was some talk about an Abyssal Maw-raid, but that's been cancelled. Now, I don't know when it was cancelled, but probably some work was done to it. I also would like to know how long it takes to make an expansion. Both TBC and Wrath lasted for almost two years. I suppose 4.3 will come out around december, just like the ICC-patch did in wrath. So normally speaking, patch 5.0 should be out in the summer. If Cata is also going to last almost two years, prepare for another ICC-summer, where alts will be flying around.

Patch 4.3 will also include three new dungeons, including one in Caverns of Time, and they shouldn't be revamps. I wonder, will they require Ilvl352 orso to enter? Just like the Troll-heroics have a higher entry-gear-level?

And there was some news on the ethereals. The Transmogrifier will let you change your gear-appearance. Now, I don't know about this one. Will it be a complete rainbow in raids? And the news about the Void Storage can maybe be included in this one, a place to store absolute gear. So, you can transmogrify your gear to your voidstoraged gear?

Personally, I don't see the need for the voidstorage, but that's because I already deleted so much gear in the past.... If this would have come earlier, Gowron could actually have used it. Mardah is completely different, because I only started playing her at the beginning of cata, she doesn't have much gear... well, she does have the Druids of the Fang-set :p

...waiting for more news...

dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

What is coming?

I don't think I have been in this position before, the utter lack of information of stuff to come. In all the time I have this blog running, I always had some info what was coming in the next patch/expansion, but it seems there is so little information out there, that I just have to sit back... and relax.

What do we now know about the future?

Mists of Pandaria
Ok, we do now the name of patch 5.0. There are two camps it seems. One hoping for a Pandarian-race, and one expecting a Hero-class healer, like the Death Knight was in Wrath (Monk anyone?). My money is on the hero-class for two reasons. First, we already had two new races in Cata, and second, who to give the pandas, alliance or horde??? One will feel shafted. Of course, with the screenshot-guys, the other new race could be ethereal....

The screenshot-guys
Look it up, it has 3 Ethereals standing in what appears to be a house in Stormwind. The most interesting of the three is the 'Void Storage', will this be an inter-realm-Bind-on-account-bank?

Patch 4.3
Blizzards stated that there will be a new dungeon and a new raid, but to where, no idea. This one is most surprising, normally we have a lot of information about what is coming in the next patch, but not now.

Patch 4.last
We kill Deathwing. Being the poster-child of this expansion, we know we are going to kill him sometime... soon®.

That's it, 4 little pieces of information... t-t-t-that's all folks.