dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

What is coming?

I don't think I have been in this position before, the utter lack of information of stuff to come. In all the time I have this blog running, I always had some info what was coming in the next patch/expansion, but it seems there is so little information out there, that I just have to sit back... and relax.

What do we now know about the future?

Mists of Pandaria
Ok, we do now the name of patch 5.0. There are two camps it seems. One hoping for a Pandarian-race, and one expecting a Hero-class healer, like the Death Knight was in Wrath (Monk anyone?). My money is on the hero-class for two reasons. First, we already had two new races in Cata, and second, who to give the pandas, alliance or horde??? One will feel shafted. Of course, with the screenshot-guys, the other new race could be ethereal....

The screenshot-guys
Look it up, it has 3 Ethereals standing in what appears to be a house in Stormwind. The most interesting of the three is the 'Void Storage', will this be an inter-realm-Bind-on-account-bank?

Patch 4.3
Blizzards stated that there will be a new dungeon and a new raid, but to where, no idea. This one is most surprising, normally we have a lot of information about what is coming in the next patch, but not now.

Patch 4.last
We kill Deathwing. Being the poster-child of this expansion, we know we are going to kill him sometime... soon®.

That's it, 4 little pieces of information... t-t-t-that's all folks.

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