maandag 25 juli 2011

Keep Asking Mr. Robot

So, now I am inclined to do a follow-up post. My last post was semi-scrutinized my Mr. Robot on some faults I made. Let's see if he is right :P

3. Mr. Robot does handle mastery right, and I believe the rounding issues with mastery have all be patched out of the game now.

This one had me scratching my head, did I miss a patch-note somewhere? Now I could try to find it, or I could just watch at the numbers of wrath when I was in solar, and reforge something to mastery, while staying in the 13.5-14% range.... oops, he is right. It seems the damage indeed in-/decreases, even with just a little more/less mastery in the 0.5% range.

2. Mr. Robot does not favor, or disfavor socket bonuses, it all comes down to math for him

Well, I actually knew this, I just...rrrmm... seem to forgot it when I made the post, because I actually put that under the 'use-brain'-catagory... But let's get to this a bit better then. You can actually set how important each stat is. Default gives intellect a 2.97-rating, while spirit is on 2.4. That is not a big difference, and with these numbers 30 spirit will be better then 20 intellect, hence why it seems Mr. Robot favors gem-bonuses.

Now, as a Boomkin, I know my most important stat is intellect, the priority goes something like 'Intellect > Spirit/Hit (till 17%) > Haste >>> Mastery >>>>>>> Crit >>>>>>>>>everything else'. with that notion, all guides say; gem intellect and reforge to hit. Don't gem for hit, unless the socket-bonus is 20 intellect per non-red gem. This is also important, because you can't reforge to intellect, the only way to get more intellect is getting higher Ilvl-gear, or red gems.

Each class has his own very important stat. Melee-plate has Strength, Hunters/Enhance-shammies/Rogues have Agility, and all caster-dps has intellect. So to make this stat more important, you should give it a higher rating in Mr. Robot. I just set the number for intellect on 5 (twice as high as spirit), so that he will always favor red gems, unless of course the gem-bonus is 20 int/non-red socket. You can do the same for you premium-stat.

I now only have one little problem, it is called spellpower. Now SP only sits on weapons and trinkets these days. On weapons it doesn't matter, but with the trinket-slots it becomes more important. Do you want a trinket w/o intellect, but with more spellpower, or one with intellect, with a mastery-proc.

My personal favor always goes to having at least one Intellect-trinket, because, you can not reforge to intellect. And it seems that with putting the number on 5, Mr. Robot agrees.... but maybe I should also put a higher number on spellpower, because of the same reasoning. Use your brain...

1. Mr. Robot does actually account for set bonuses. When it comes to druids, resto/boomkin often do trade off - it's all a stats game

I already said that the stats on the resto-pieces seem to be better then the balance-pieces, the difference is the bonus. 2pT11 gives a 5%-crit bonus to your Moonfire and Insect Swarm. So I found it hard to believe that the resto-pieces where better. So I digged a little deeper, and found that Mr. Robot favors the chest and legs over the resto-pieces, so you do get the bonus. (I concur that the current 4pT11-bonus is not worth taking). Also, if you put the filter on T11-gear only, the whole thing shifts again, and indeed goes towards the balance-set. So the problem lies with T12.

Current theorycrafting says that you should go for 2pT11+2pT12, which seems ok. The problem lies that the 2pT11 bonus probably is not worth taking on a single target, but increases with more targets. My guts tells me that the difference on single-target is probably only about 100dps, so unless you are in a Hardcore-raiding guild, it is probably not that high of a difference.

1. They are right with their corrections.
2. I am still right with my hit-comment, but that's another discussion.
3. It is an excellent tool. Mr. Robot gives you a setup with your current gear which min/maxes you. It tidies up your reforges, which will get out of control, if you don't do a total-reforge once in a while, and it also does the little things, like reforging mastery->hit on one piece, while doing hit->mastery on another to get you closer to hit-cap. But do set your premium-stat high.

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