dinsdag 17 november 2009

Star Trek Online

Let me tell you a little secret, or why I started playing World of Warcraft.

In the beginning of 2007 I was heavily into trek, games/books/tv/films/whatever. And I stumbled across the fact that their would be a new game, Star Trek Online.

Now I was/am a big fan of ST:Birth of the Federation, and ST:Aramada was also on my most-played-list (next to Civ3 and Civ4). But this was something different, ST:Online would be a MMO(RPG). Now, I had not much experience with eiether an MMO or an RPG.

Well, I did play a little MMO with one ST game, I don't recall the name now, but it was set in the Original Series Setting, and it was hosted by Sulu, Academy?? I did not really liked it, the game was to clunky, and it came down on just flying mindless around... porbaly I did something wrong :p

RPG was completely out of my reach. I did try some early RPG games. But at that time I didn't get the whole gearing and stat-things that went with that kinda games.

But now there would be a Star Trek MMO/RPG. And the ideas looked really nice, but as I said, no idea how it would play. Now I have a friend who knew a lot more about RPG's. He was at that time playing World of Warcraft. I saw him play the games several times. I remember seeing him play a Dwarf in the starting area, and later a female Tauren Warrior, in what I later learned Shadowfang Keep.

So, to get an idea of those kinds of game, I downloaded the trial version of WoW in februar 2007. Just to look how it played, I had a week vacation, but I didn't think it would keep me away from CiV4.... O_o

My first character was a dwarf hunter called Mendak. No idea what I was doing, but I did get some of the points. Not that I knew that I needed Agility or Attack Power, but I did manage really well... so after 5 days I had a lvl29 hunter... and didn't play CiV4.... bought the full version, incl. TBC and started a Blood elf paladin called Gowron (yes, both names are from Star Trek).

Now, I am still on the ST:O mailing list, and I received an interesting message...

Star Trek: Online will be available for retail on the 2nd of februar 2010

So after 3 years the game will finally be released (look it up why it took so long). I wonder if it can actually draw me away from WoW.

maandag 16 november 2009

...oh, is this thing on....

Yup still here, just on a long writing-break due to personal problems, which either you as reader already know, or don't want to hear about :p

I did play a lot of WoW though, which leads to the next summary of characters I currently play/use for CD's on the european server Argent Dawn

Mardah, lvl80 Night Elf Druid (Tree/Bear) LW/skinning
Still here, sometimes healing stuff, farming Heroic Setthek Halls for a bird-mount, and waiting for the next patch to get better gear without raiding.

Luaran, lvl80 Dreanai Hunter (BM/Survival) Mining/JC
..sounds familiar? She has been mentioned here before, but then she was called Miriani, and was an Orc.

Lamars, lvl75 Gnome Rogue (Subtlety) Mining/Engineer
My most played char atm. And I thought he only needed lvl75 to open all lockboxes.. until I had a blue lockbox dropped yesterday which requires LP400.

Ezrila, lvl74 Dreanai Paladin (Retribution) Herbalism/Skinning/Cooking
First Char on this server, still here, and sometimes i take her out for a swing.

Kyari, lvl72 Human Paladin (Protection) Herbalism/Inscription
...which reminds to write more tankadin-levelling stories...

Mariandel, lvl68 Dreanai Shaman (Enhancement) Skinning/Enchanting
Happily sitting in Dalaran disenchanting stuff

Yorille, lvl5 Human Warrior (....) .....
Running between Stormwind AH, mailbox and bank.

Mentat, lvl1 Human Priest (...) ....
My next levelling char... if I actually get the drive to do it again.... Spec will be Holy-DPS, with skinning/tailoring as professions.

So, yes, atm, I am playing a little (very little with the world enlarger) backstabbing, pickpocketing, shadowstepping, lockpicking scoundrel. Shadowstep-Pickpocket-Ambush-Kidney Shot-Backstab-Backstab-Hemoragge-Loot--->next mob.

I would love to say I also like PvP, but the last BG I was in was around 70, been in the AV-que since then, but only entered it once... Alliance 18 vs Horde 40... good job Blizzard...

I do like engineering. All sort of things that can go wrong... some nice enchants, and best of all, an Auction House in Dalaran.

Well, I suspect Lamars will hit 80 shortly, and then it is probably time to spec to Combat or something, and ditching the heirloom shoulders, chest, both daggers and bow... :p