vrijdag 12 april 2019

Two Months Behind... even more now

Disclaimer: This was written a while ago, but somehow not published. Still publishing it because I did write it. I wrote this in October 3rd apparently. Blog does not seem to be complete (no pictures/ending), but.. I am still Alive  :)

No, I didn't joined that guild. And for the uninformed, it was the guild Lore used to raid in, back in the day when he was just making the Weekly Marmot, or showing up on Legendary.tv.

It has more to do with the fact that I actually want to write so much, but also want to play sooo much, and as I stated before, I can only allot that much time to WoW. Time blogging normally is subtracted from time playing.

We are now almost two months in the Battle for Azeroth, and what follows is a quick recap on what I did the last 6-8 weeks (I have no idea when I am publishing this, it is now the 3rd of October, so technically 6 weeks in?)

BfA arrived in the middle of my vacation (I work in education), which actually meant that I couldn't play that much. I Have vacation, I visit things, climb mountains, walk 30 km's, that sort of thing. I did manage to sneak 2-3 hours in a day at least.

I levelled with Warmode ON, the 15% XP is very nice, and before I knew it Mardah hit 120, and I found out that I still had to do most of Stormsong Valley to get enough reputation with Storm's Wake (also the only one I am not exalted with now) to ge acces to world quests and the whistle.

I remember doing some dungeons, doing some Island Expeditions, even doing some Mythics+. And about 3 weeks in, Innovation started raiding again. At this moment we have downed all of normal, and are progressing on Vectis HC. We downed the robot at the start, MOTHER, the three-headed thing and something else, Zekvoz, so 4/8

One of the thing I am not doing is hunting Azerite Power, I'll get it when it comes along, but I am not actively upgrading my necklace, It will come when it will come. This does however means I have not fully upgraded Azerite gear.

One of the things I am doing is alting. At this moment I have 3 other characters on 120. My Shaman Verulani. The original Gowron, now called Gwaednerth, and another Paladin, Meddwyn the Dark Iron Dwarf. Yes, I levelled two paladins...

Mardah changed professions from Skinning/Leatherworking to Jewelcrafter/Enchanter. Although I am getting so much Sanguicelss that I may change her to Leatherworker for a week to make some stuff in a month or two.

So far my idea of BfA:

The Pro's are Levelling and Raiding. The thing I like to do, are still good. I do not care much about th rest of the stuff offered, although I may sometimes do them.

The Meh... Island Expeditions and Warfronts. I guess some people find them fun, but I find them mostly boring. IE's are nice for Azerite, but I ain't hunting that. Warfronts are nice for gear on new characters.

The Irritating stuff... like Azerite Gear, where I have to do have third/fourth and fifth party programs to figure out what it does, and what is better..

The BAD... Personal Loot, what a mess. I am so happy I got Warforged 1H, which I can't use because no OH, and also can't trade because it is my highest Ilvl.... or that I couldn't trade the 380 ring because it is my highest Ilvl..while I have the same ring on 370 with a gemslot. There is more rant about that in my head....

Also not very likeable, Mythic+ and PvP-stuff. Apparantly that is where the gear is now, but I don't like the rushing of timed dungeons, and PvP, never was a real fan of that.