zondag 26 september 2010


I just wanted to see this for myself, cat-drood is fur fite, at level 8. So off I went through Mulgore. Casting Wraths along the way, I again encountered the most annoying thing of low levels, no bag space. I had to return a lot to sell stuff. But even all that selling was not enough. There's a little problem with druids. They can get the ability to become a cat at lvl8, and have to learn cat-form, and 3 new spells, all costing 3 silver and 70 copper.

Now don't look at it with the eyes as a lvl80 with to much gold. If I hadn't had Gowron transferred to the PTR, I would not have had enough silver to buy all the sweet kitty-stuff. New players will not have the backing of gold, and I am seeing frustration because they can't get the spells. Yes, of course, you could get out and start killing stuff.... but it isn't fun, and confusing for new players.

And there is more confusing stuff coming, but luckily I did had gold-backing.

I leveled on till 10, where I got the choice between the three trees. Your first talent point has a nice place to go, feral swiftness. Something with more dodge, whatever, and 15% more speed while in cat-form, very nice for levelling. I also looked a little at the other trees. Resto is logical it seems, but what is with this Solar Eclipse thing, what is it, what does it do, how does it work. Ok, I know how it works, but again, look at it from the beginning player...

Ok, one good thing are thew tooltips. Below is the one for mangle, which you get for free if you choose to go feral. Very clear what to do with this spell.

So, now I think it's time for some dual-wielding totem-thrower.

maandag 20 september 2010

10 levels of PTR

So, due some unforseen incident, like forgetting you have your Authenticator hanging on your car-keychain, and then lending your car to a friend, I made a trial-account and went to the strange land of the Public Test Realm.

I looked at all the classes (except DK's) and tried and studied some beginning-stuff. OP-hunter Arcane shots, nice proc-graphics for Arcane Missiles, etcetera. But I of course went for the paladin for a little bit more information. And I started levelling, between heavy lag-spikes (one killed me).

Paladins now start with Crusader Strike and get Seal of Righteousness/Judgement fairly fast. (no, that's not SoW on the screenies). When you can train a new spell at your trainer, and remember no more ranks on them, you get a huge message in the middle of your screen.

Now the first thing I needed to understand is your completely lack of heal till level 9. Paladins used to start with Holy Light, but now, you are on your own when you get damaged. So, I did run into a little where-the-%$#@-did-all-these-guys-spawn-from moment. But it actually was surprising... a new I-am-death-and-completely-lots-my-way button is added.

At Level8 you get to see your Holy Power Bar. It is still a level till you can use it. Word of Glory is instant, costs no mana, and heals you for around 60/HP at level9, which means 180 of your 200-something health at full strength...mmm, at instant speed. That actually means you can take on lvl15 boars as a lvl9 paladin...

And I reached level10, lots of information, lots of new buttons.

After respeccing to Prot, I joined a BG for fun. Which gave me a sneek peak of the raid-frames. the right-frame can be tinied, while the names show the appropriate buffs you can give.

This is the PTR btw. No archeology, no new landscapes/worgen/goblins/quests. Just the old stuff, with new spells. But I am looking forward to level again.

vrijdag 17 september 2010

2 November?

Patch 4 on november 2? Background-loader started... so it is viable.

Mmm, maybe now is the time to look at some of the changes.

Not sure what I am gonna do first. Level to 85, or start a Cowadin...

zaterdag 11 september 2010

woensdag 1 september 2010

Shots of August

Time to picture and roll... August Screenies are here.


I finally got around to get some real RP-gear... the level60 PvP-set, combined with BoJ-cape. I could have gone farming the Blood Knight Shield, but instead I opted for this Shield, which does set me apart from the rest of the Blood knights in Silvermoon. Ooh, and that troll... it seems to pop up on more of my screenies.


This is what you get in a 6-week vacation, boredom and chasing strange achievements. This one is from feeding 10 pets food, making them your temporaly pets.

Single Abstract Noun ICC10 - raid

A fully SAN-raid, very relaxed, and my first new boss-kill in 6 months, and also a nice screenie to show my UI.

Tanking ShatH

It has been a while since I tanked Shattered Halls, this time I did it as a warrior. Was a nice flashback... oh, and there's that other troll again...

...the moron of course

While just shooting around on the future troll capital islands, I had to kill zalazane. So I was clearing some mobs, when this figure came along. And I do mean along. He just sprinted past me, shot zalazane (which I almost cleared), aggroed 3 more trolls, killed Z. and ran away. After which he 'thanked' me for helping... sorry to say, but I ain't helping such people. I would have lolled at him if he died... I would have joined Zalazane's trolls at that moment if it could be possible...

A tribute

Remember this, the outpost CampT. Which does want me to make some sort of Tribute-post....