woensdag 1 september 2010

Shots of August

Time to picture and roll... August Screenies are here.


I finally got around to get some real RP-gear... the level60 PvP-set, combined with BoJ-cape. I could have gone farming the Blood Knight Shield, but instead I opted for this Shield, which does set me apart from the rest of the Blood knights in Silvermoon. Ooh, and that troll... it seems to pop up on more of my screenies.


This is what you get in a 6-week vacation, boredom and chasing strange achievements. This one is from feeding 10 pets food, making them your temporaly pets.

Single Abstract Noun ICC10 - raid

A fully SAN-raid, very relaxed, and my first new boss-kill in 6 months, and also a nice screenie to show my UI.

Tanking ShatH

It has been a while since I tanked Shattered Halls, this time I did it as a warrior. Was a nice flashback... oh, and there's that other troll again...

...the moron of course

While just shooting around on the future troll capital islands, I had to kill zalazane. So I was clearing some mobs, when this figure came along. And I do mean along. He just sprinted past me, shot zalazane (which I almost cleared), aggroed 3 more trolls, killed Z. and ran away. After which he 'thanked' me for helping... sorry to say, but I ain't helping such people. I would have lolled at him if he died... I would have joined Zalazane's trolls at that moment if it could be possible...

A tribute

Remember this, the outpost CampT. Which does want me to make some sort of Tribute-post....

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