woensdag 20 februari 2008


Hello World.... of Warcraft.

This will be another tankadin blog, especially ment for people I raid with, but it may be ineteresting for other tanks. I will also occasionally talk about alts.

I am Gowron, a level 70 BELF Paladin, specced protection 0/49/12. Gowron has been a Tank except for level 69, where he needed to be holy (respeccing at 68 and 70).
I am playing at the Europen Ghostlands Server.
I have seen the insides of Gruul as tank that healed (coming in at 3 on Healing done), which wasn't a succes, and already sometime ago.
I have doubletanked Attumen and Midnight, taken down Moroes, taken down Maiden, Triple-tanked Oz, skinned the Wolf, broke Romulo's Heart, blew away Curator, AoE-ed Illhoof and his Imps, kept some of Shades Elementals busy, and Tanked Prince.

When I was level 25 or so, I joined a guild named the Wanderers, which I left at around 50, because of lack off support for higher levels.
I then started the Guild Retribution with the Shaman Sceptre end of june 2007. This guild leveled up to 70, and with two raids a week, we slowly took Karazhan. It took us 3 months before we saw Prince, but we did down him in the end.
At the end of Januar, I decided to take a leave from Retribution because of some real life things, the co-leading of a guild was too much for me at that moment. The majority of the raid-members left within 2 hours after I left, which ment the end of Retribution :(

At the beginning of februar I joined XII, also known as The Dirty Dozen. We started Karazhan last week, hurray, wiping on Moroes and Maiden again :). I actually was holy for the first 3 raid-days, because we lacked Healers, but on day 4, I tanked again. So I got to tank Shade...LOL, and Chess... oh, and Illhoof :).

...shade? after 4 days, with a lot of people still wearing greens, who had never seen Kara before.... and we were ready to wipe on Prince... at 32%.... and we didn't had the optimal group, 1 tank, Shammy/Pala healer, 3 fucking Hunters, a mage, a rogue, a warlock, and a druid off-tank in kitty-form. So he will come down next time, when we actually plan the raid :)

So that's were I am now,
btw: the name of the URL is taken from my frostmage-alt , which I use for farming, and who also has the Master's Key.

XII (EU-Ghostlands)
Paladin CL