zondag 26 april 2009

Oh my...

Can someone explain to me how a dps-warrior only does around 850dps and a warlock around 700 dps in Heroic Violet Hold?

Me (as Miriani/hunter) was at 2k, and the Tank (Guildie/paladin) was at 1.4k...

I reckon that if our healer (Guildie/priest) would have put some DoT's on the bosses, he would have out-dps-ed the two..


woensdag 22 april 2009


XII and established kill-strategies don't work together. While every member can look at kill-strategies for hours, most of the times they need to be tweaked to work for us. That's why we probably never shall have a server-first, but alas, that is also not our goal. We try,wipe,adapt,wipe again, and learn.

We seemed to have a good strat for XT, but we kept wiping at 5-10%, so tonight we gonna try something different. Last night raid was cancelled, 20 people declined, the same people who have been online almost continously since last wednesday. So, a lot of people needed a day off aparantly.

Cloudchaser (I am going to write up all my alts later to show my altism :p), is now 35, and has started the Stranglethorn Vale adventures. His inscription is to high for his level, I already have the lvl40 spelldamage-offhand. 5 more levels till BoomKin.

maandag 20 april 2009

First Days of Ulduar

I love it, ok. Wiping for hours to get a boss down. I was full on adrenaline last night when we got Razorscale down after 4 hours of wiping. I have no problem that we wiped for 6 hours on XT-002 and still don't have him down :p

Flame Leviathan
This is just plain fun, we one-shotted him last wednesday, and i still don't know how. I was in one of the 'tank'-vehicles, and I survived, so i probably did good :p I think Loot Leviathan will be a proper nickname :p

Adds, bombs from the ky, frontal AoE-attack...oh my. The adds spawn from spawned turrets, and if the turret spawns within the circle, a big dude comes out that needs to be killed asap. My task is to get the other adds (max 3) on me. Sometimes I need to get 2 turrets under control, which means 6 adds. The slowing part on Avengers Shield comes in handy then. Shield the first 3, then run to the other 3 and RD/Cons or HotR them... very fun.

In phase 3, I also am kiting Razorscale, the big dude is constanly moving his body/wings, so the screen is filled with movement, while I almost can't see where I am moving, trick is to just walk back in circles, and hope you do it right :p You also need to thrust your healers, on our first kill last night, I hit the ground, after tank-switch, probably because healers where a little slow on target-switching.

Light Bombs, Shadow-pullers, earthquakes and more adds :p. I did have the oppurtunity to tank XT myself, after Sajuuk died, and tbh, it's boring, just tank and spank. The adds are a little different. First of all, only the Pummelers can be tanked, and every hearth-phase 0-2 spawn. They can spawn 100 yards apart, so you need to get one (after applying judgement-crit-debuff on Heart), and then wait for a possible other one.

I use Seal/Judgement of Light on them, because they will not be killed during the fight. The trick is to know that the adds can be stunned/slowed, so Hammer of justice/Avengers shield again comes in handy. While the all-new Exorcism is a good ranged puller for the new add. the moment you got more then 3 adds on you, be ready to use oh-shit buttons. 4 adds+one of the damage-things that goes on, can be lethal.

The tactic that works best so far, is only having 2 tanks, 5.5 healers and a shitload of dps (rogues shine here). Just nuke him down as fast as possible, so you don't get to many earthquakes. If an earthquake comes before the first hearth-phase, I use Bubble/Divine Guardian to lower raid-damage taken. If it comes after, well, no bubbling for me with adds on me :p

I suppose he comes down tonight, maybe even on the second try (first try is zoning in, so dont have high hopes for that)

Oh, and something else, after 2 months, /o is again on my screen. After my little hiatus/boredom/breakdown, the other officers decided I could retake my former position as Recruitment-Officer/Paladin CL/Tactical back-up :p

Oh, and Katthy, you are right, I really can be a Pain in the ass :p

dinsdag 14 april 2009

...and PoJ/crusade again

Yup, I'll be getting those two again tomorrow.

I really missed them, they where in my Tier-6 spec, the Sanctuary-spec to be precise. I also will take only one point in Spiritual attunement, and not more then 3 points in the tier3-critical strike talent Conviction.

With Divine Plea being continues for tankadins, I think one point in SA will be enough, and with Crusade in my spec, I'll have enough threat I suppose, I can always spec more pints in conviction.

My Holy Spec won't change much, but I may take Aura mastery.

It's Coming

So, tomorrow Ulduar comes, no more naxx...

I will not miss naxx, we have farmed it clear, to the point that we even had alt-25-man-raids in there. I hope Ulduar gives us a larger challenge, wiping for days on bosses seems a good idea at this point.

Tomorrow, I will dual-spec Prot/Holy. I do this for several reasons. The first is that I am Tank@Heart, so that will be my mainspec again. I hardly solo with Gowron, so I don't need a solo-spec like retri. Going Holy as second spec will give our guild an extra healer if to many can't come. And I didn't dislike healing, it's just a different game.

Considering alt-raids, Miriani now has some naxx-gear... LOL.

I also started, yet, another alts. I almost didn't play with Mardah my Nelf druid on Khadgar last month, she's more an esape I think. But I did like playing druid. So I created a Tauren one on Ghostlands, he is now lvl26, herbalism/inscription.

It's very logical to do this, I know have a 80-BS/Enc, an 80-mining/JC, a 70 tailor/alchemy, a 65-LW/skinning, so a herb/inscriptor is what I missed to be self-relient :p

And leveling goes very fast, with the reduced XP needed, and the heirloom-shoulders (I now have the leather-melee and the cloth-caster ones, so I am set).

Now, onto Ulduar

dinsdag 7 april 2009

DING... laughing last.

Yup, Miriani reached level 80 last saturday-evening, in Storm Peaks, Duf Niffleheim... more dailies :p. So I flew back to dalaran, went to Silvermoon City, and relearned my talents. The moment I became 0/0/0 I was asked to join a WG-raid.

I hurried to the AH, bought some new glyphs, to the Lexicon, glyphed, and accepted summon. I was talenting to Survival during the trash-pulls :p. My DPS was horrible, and I died, but got a Brez (who brezzes a hunter ??), but I got two valors out of it.

After that, some Exile-members took me into VH-heroic. Every Boss dropped Hunter-loot, including the Epic Hands, and my DPS was a little better, around 1500. A little bit under the rest of the party.

Yesterday my Cat Rotam (yes the one from winterspring) dinged 80, so it was time to level my boar a little bit... she was 75, ouch. But reading Petopia, I saw that there was a 79-boar in the alliance-camp in Storm Peaks, looked the same, only had some armor. Meet the new Armored Uuz :p. I also visited the trainer to retrain my cat, a little bit, and then it hit me...going to 0/0/0 and the talenting in raid made me forget something... there are more ranks to Explosive Shot then ONE... oops.

After that I did the daily heroic in UK, much better, I broke the 2k DPS-mark, with Uuz besides me.. I did 1800, she around 300 DPS. I suppose my cat will do better :p.

Sunday-evening, XII-raid, only 19 online, but my brother had some time to join. So in we went to do the 'Dedicated few'. I was healing, and all the healers where in the same party... tip to RL, DON'T :p. We had a lot of fun in /p, now don't heal Sajuuk (warrior-tank), who healed him??, oops, probably chain heal. So we let him die once or twice. But the most fun, was when he needed to go AFK for a few minutes. Readycheck the raid, my brother MD-ed Sajuuk, and shot raz... while the whole raid was standing a level higher....

Monday we finished the run, we got our dedicated-few title, and I got Last Laugh....as off-spec, sort off. Half of the raids I am tanking, half of the raids I am healing, so what is my main-spec????

vrijdag 3 april 2009


Naxxramas - 10 man - unding run

Boss: Kel'Thuzad

I am on adds, I saw the zone spawning under me, I tried to move.....nothing...Lagspike,..dead add-tank :(

at around 10% $%^#$

Not that I want the achievement, but the rest of the crew....

donderdag 2 april 2009


Drama... lol

I instigated some in the past, but tonight I was offline.

had something to do with Immortal...

Just for the record, I hate achievements where the only thing you get is a title (except the elder title, that's just pro :p)

And more, XII always had the habit of letting someone die on purpose in raids.
Don't heal the tank, or what I did myself, waiting for the hunter to be second on aggro, and then bubble... FUN

Oh well...