dinsdag 7 april 2009

DING... laughing last.

Yup, Miriani reached level 80 last saturday-evening, in Storm Peaks, Duf Niffleheim... more dailies :p. So I flew back to dalaran, went to Silvermoon City, and relearned my talents. The moment I became 0/0/0 I was asked to join a WG-raid.

I hurried to the AH, bought some new glyphs, to the Lexicon, glyphed, and accepted summon. I was talenting to Survival during the trash-pulls :p. My DPS was horrible, and I died, but got a Brez (who brezzes a hunter ??), but I got two valors out of it.

After that, some Exile-members took me into VH-heroic. Every Boss dropped Hunter-loot, including the Epic Hands, and my DPS was a little better, around 1500. A little bit under the rest of the party.

Yesterday my Cat Rotam (yes the one from winterspring) dinged 80, so it was time to level my boar a little bit... she was 75, ouch. But reading Petopia, I saw that there was a 79-boar in the alliance-camp in Storm Peaks, looked the same, only had some armor. Meet the new Armored Uuz :p. I also visited the trainer to retrain my cat, a little bit, and then it hit me...going to 0/0/0 and the talenting in raid made me forget something... there are more ranks to Explosive Shot then ONE... oops.

After that I did the daily heroic in UK, much better, I broke the 2k DPS-mark, with Uuz besides me.. I did 1800, she around 300 DPS. I suppose my cat will do better :p.

Sunday-evening, XII-raid, only 19 online, but my brother had some time to join. So in we went to do the 'Dedicated few'. I was healing, and all the healers where in the same party... tip to RL, DON'T :p. We had a lot of fun in /p, now don't heal Sajuuk (warrior-tank), who healed him??, oops, probably chain heal. So we let him die once or twice. But the most fun, was when he needed to go AFK for a few minutes. Readycheck the raid, my brother MD-ed Sajuuk, and shot raz... while the whole raid was standing a level higher....

Monday we finished the run, we got our dedicated-few title, and I got Last Laugh....as off-spec, sort off. Half of the raids I am tanking, half of the raids I am healing, so what is my main-spec????

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