maandag 20 april 2009

First Days of Ulduar

I love it, ok. Wiping for hours to get a boss down. I was full on adrenaline last night when we got Razorscale down after 4 hours of wiping. I have no problem that we wiped for 6 hours on XT-002 and still don't have him down :p

Flame Leviathan
This is just plain fun, we one-shotted him last wednesday, and i still don't know how. I was in one of the 'tank'-vehicles, and I survived, so i probably did good :p I think Loot Leviathan will be a proper nickname :p

Adds, bombs from the ky, frontal AoE-attack...oh my. The adds spawn from spawned turrets, and if the turret spawns within the circle, a big dude comes out that needs to be killed asap. My task is to get the other adds (max 3) on me. Sometimes I need to get 2 turrets under control, which means 6 adds. The slowing part on Avengers Shield comes in handy then. Shield the first 3, then run to the other 3 and RD/Cons or HotR them... very fun.

In phase 3, I also am kiting Razorscale, the big dude is constanly moving his body/wings, so the screen is filled with movement, while I almost can't see where I am moving, trick is to just walk back in circles, and hope you do it right :p You also need to thrust your healers, on our first kill last night, I hit the ground, after tank-switch, probably because healers where a little slow on target-switching.

Light Bombs, Shadow-pullers, earthquakes and more adds :p. I did have the oppurtunity to tank XT myself, after Sajuuk died, and tbh, it's boring, just tank and spank. The adds are a little different. First of all, only the Pummelers can be tanked, and every hearth-phase 0-2 spawn. They can spawn 100 yards apart, so you need to get one (after applying judgement-crit-debuff on Heart), and then wait for a possible other one.

I use Seal/Judgement of Light on them, because they will not be killed during the fight. The trick is to know that the adds can be stunned/slowed, so Hammer of justice/Avengers shield again comes in handy. While the all-new Exorcism is a good ranged puller for the new add. the moment you got more then 3 adds on you, be ready to use oh-shit buttons. 4 adds+one of the damage-things that goes on, can be lethal.

The tactic that works best so far, is only having 2 tanks, 5.5 healers and a shitload of dps (rogues shine here). Just nuke him down as fast as possible, so you don't get to many earthquakes. If an earthquake comes before the first hearth-phase, I use Bubble/Divine Guardian to lower raid-damage taken. If it comes after, well, no bubbling for me with adds on me :p

I suppose he comes down tonight, maybe even on the second try (first try is zoning in, so dont have high hopes for that)

Oh, and something else, after 2 months, /o is again on my screen. After my little hiatus/boredom/breakdown, the other officers decided I could retake my former position as Recruitment-Officer/Paladin CL/Tactical back-up :p

Oh, and Katthy, you are right, I really can be a Pain in the ass :p

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