woensdag 22 april 2009


XII and established kill-strategies don't work together. While every member can look at kill-strategies for hours, most of the times they need to be tweaked to work for us. That's why we probably never shall have a server-first, but alas, that is also not our goal. We try,wipe,adapt,wipe again, and learn.

We seemed to have a good strat for XT, but we kept wiping at 5-10%, so tonight we gonna try something different. Last night raid was cancelled, 20 people declined, the same people who have been online almost continously since last wednesday. So, a lot of people needed a day off aparantly.

Cloudchaser (I am going to write up all my alts later to show my altism :p), is now 35, and has started the Stranglethorn Vale adventures. His inscription is to high for his level, I already have the lvl40 spelldamage-offhand. 5 more levels till BoomKin.

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