vrijdag 26 november 2010

I am Forsaken

Run, run,run, busy, busy,busy,

Yes, it has happened again, the 'one-more-turn'-syndrome, or for WoW-players likely called 'one-more-quest'-syndrome, has struck again.

Wednesday, patch-day, oh, new low-level-quests, undead hunter, here we go.

Gloomweed, or doomweed is still there.
Kill some scarlet crusaders, lots of Flightpaths.
Some nice movies.
He, already honored....
Oh, hi sylvanas and garrosh
He, already revered?
WORGEN, kill 'em all
Gilneas taken/lost/taken....
Dead Sylvanas
Oops... almost no dungeons taken....
Ah, finally dual-wield
I am a NUB???
Nicely redecorated Hillsbrad, and Southshore... and well, everything.
Huh, lvl24 and Exalted with UC??
Oh, the cave-yetis have a BIG leader now.
mmm, to many green quest, Hinterlands here I come
.... and thats where I am now...

Level 35 in 15 hours, and everywhere is something new. And I am skipping a lot I know. My hunter is heirloomed to the teeth, and has mining/herbalism. Lots of extra xp, but not enough room to do all quests...luckily. That leaves some for future alts.

Well, of to Kill Shadra I suppose...

dinsdag 16 november 2010


To arms, Thunderbluff is under attack. Build the barricades and save the citizens.

zondag 14 november 2010

Now Playing?

So, here I was, new engineer, new recipes... and a need for a lot of Khorium Ore. I needed 60 of those to make Jeeves and the Turbo-Charged Flyer... problem though, they are freaking expensive, and rare. Not only rare to spawn, but also rare on the AH.

So what to do? Well, farm them myself. Luckily I have dual-screen, so while I was half-looking to WoW I saw a lot of Muppet-shows on youtube.... which made me thinking.

You see, I play on a Mac, and WoW on Mac has a build-in movie-maker.... so at the start of one of my runs, I hit CTRL-[.

Some things I need to figure out, like how to better adjust text in the film.... I felt restrained by iMovie. Text where always 2.05 long and couldn't be placed within 2.05 of each other, which made me not use that many text.... There is probably a way to just put text at random in, just have to find it....

vrijdag 12 november 2010

Counting Down.

Whoops, I seem to not have written for a while, and even missing my new project, shots from a month....

So, to start of, what happens if 3 SAN-ers go harass the LFD.....

Yes, the Healer was in for a susrprise :O

Lately I have been smite-spamming with Deathoorth trhough dungeons. Just because it is fun to play with guildies. I just can't seem to hit the LFD-button on Gowron at the moment, although I do think he will be my first 85. But with 10 80's, there is not much to do... I levelled a nelf to 20, just to experience the darkshore-quests once more. Played a little on 20-something rogue killing all of Hillsbrad, made my new priest a miner/engineer, made more alts just to see how low-levels work these days.

One of the Alts is a genuine Holy Clothadin, very interesting how that all works, I wonder though, if their will be some low-level intellect-mail available for my future cow-adin...

While levelling the Pally, I encountered a little quest-chain, I know I did it on Gowron, waaaaay back, but now I actually read the lines.... and I did feel sad afterwards.... I am not going to spoil it, just try to find the named treant.

And, with the coming of Cataclysm, I am making sure to take some nice pictures along the way....

I still remember the first time I was there. This was before I used add-ons, so I was actually using the sign-posts along the way. If you follow them, you actually must climb some of the needles to reach the Flightpath.... you only see the elevators when you have reached the top...

I am ending this post with a picture of one of the most honorable and noble characters in Azeroth.