zondag 14 november 2010

Now Playing?

So, here I was, new engineer, new recipes... and a need for a lot of Khorium Ore. I needed 60 of those to make Jeeves and the Turbo-Charged Flyer... problem though, they are freaking expensive, and rare. Not only rare to spawn, but also rare on the AH.

So what to do? Well, farm them myself. Luckily I have dual-screen, so while I was half-looking to WoW I saw a lot of Muppet-shows on youtube.... which made me thinking.

You see, I play on a Mac, and WoW on Mac has a build-in movie-maker.... so at the start of one of my runs, I hit CTRL-[.

Some things I need to figure out, like how to better adjust text in the film.... I felt restrained by iMovie. Text where always 2.05 long and couldn't be placed within 2.05 of each other, which made me not use that many text.... There is probably a way to just put text at random in, just have to find it....

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