vrijdag 26 november 2010

I am Forsaken

Run, run,run, busy, busy,busy,

Yes, it has happened again, the 'one-more-turn'-syndrome, or for WoW-players likely called 'one-more-quest'-syndrome, has struck again.

Wednesday, patch-day, oh, new low-level-quests, undead hunter, here we go.

Gloomweed, or doomweed is still there.
Kill some scarlet crusaders, lots of Flightpaths.
Some nice movies.
He, already honored....
Oh, hi sylvanas and garrosh
He, already revered?
WORGEN, kill 'em all
Gilneas taken/lost/taken....
Dead Sylvanas
Oops... almost no dungeons taken....
Ah, finally dual-wield
I am a NUB???
Nicely redecorated Hillsbrad, and Southshore... and well, everything.
Huh, lvl24 and Exalted with UC??
Oh, the cave-yetis have a BIG leader now.
mmm, to many green quest, Hinterlands here I come
.... and thats where I am now...

Level 35 in 15 hours, and everywhere is something new. And I am skipping a lot I know. My hunter is heirloomed to the teeth, and has mining/herbalism. Lots of extra xp, but not enough room to do all quests...luckily. That leaves some for future alts.

Well, of to Kill Shadra I suppose...

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