vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

A Pony?

Picture from MMO-champion 

So, I only see the Pegasus, the Paladin flying mount....  

And yeah...   I took it. Like I am NOT going to play another year at least.

zondag 23 oktober 2011

Mists of Blizzcon

So, Blizzcon has happened, and yesterday was the lore/art en general question-hours. Let me fill you in on somethings I found remarkable or strange.

First of all, the did not mention one possible legendary, but two. One is probably the Crown of Menethil, which would be the first non-weapon legendary? And there was some talk about a legendary Shield, but... wel, they will be coming soon®, like most news....

There was some talk concerning altism. First, sending heirlooms accros servers is something they want to do, but is technically very difficult, ..our servers don't speak well with each other.. And then there was this:

I have 10 characters, will you add an 11th slot so we can have all 11 classes?
Not sure just yet, might keep the current character cap but let you have them on any realm, so you can have many many charaters on one realm.

Really? Reaaally? Would that just make server overcrowded, or are they expecting people will not run to popular servers. Well, they could do that now I guess. This would at least let me use my heirlooms again on an army of alts.

Some more news about hurricane also be usable in Lunar, well, they better buff the damage then. Currently Hurricane is not that good (understatement), although I sometimes use it, when I am feeling lazy, and just want to watch for several seconds...before I need to replace shrooms.

Some talk about moonkin-form, and looks from all the races, but that doesn't seem to have a high priority.

They are also eleminating all ranged slots (thrown/relics/wands/bows/guns), and removing hunter-melee (finally). How that works out, we'll have to see. They did mention something about quivers and relics becoming visible, so they may become like guild-tabards? Something you wear for something else then stats?

There was some definately NO said about getting other size raids (like 15/20-mans mentioned on the blogospehere), so they seem to stick to the 10/25 sizes, with 3 raid-difficulties.

Mmm, I was sure I read somewhere something about Pandaren Druids. Because Pandaren do not hate, how can they be warlocks, and not be Druids. The answer was something regarding other descisions, and slapping the team on monday.... I am going to start praying now  :p

zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

MoP, Ragnaros, Class act and 250...

Oh my, 250 posts. I don't know if I should congratulate myself or /facepalm myself. So what to write about....  mind you, I have been thinking about that for 2 weeks now. But yesterday Blizzcon started, and now news is all flowing around, and I had some things done last week. So let's put some random screenies up.

I present to you, the Tauren Monk. A new class, and a new race, but no Pandaren Druids, damn. I had hoped to get out of Nelf-form someday. The Nelf female form is the one I find the least stupid, so.  Monks seem to be a melee-type healer with energy/focus. So, not only do I feel like a Rogue when I am playing with Holy Power, but now I can actually be a Paladin-Rogue?

Some other things worth mentioning is the fact that obscure achievements, like 'Champion of the Naaru' (I hope) will become account-wide. Oh, and of course the revamped, tuned down talent-tree, so there will be no more cookie-cutter specs....yeah...right... I don't believe that for a moment. There will be talents that will be much more helpfull on different bosses, so methinks we will meed different specs for different bosses, hello theory-crafting.

New heroic versions of Scholomance and Graveyard+Cathedral and Armory+Library. Yes combined. That will be fun, especially the posts that'll be coming because someone pulled the boss in cathedral without clearing the adds. Or the melee that will be dying to whirlwind.

My first reaction is mildly positive towards the whole panda-concept and other changes. But, I think there will be a lot of tweaking ahead. Especially for the druid-talent-trees. As 'Restokin' noted, a talent that automatically transforms me to a cat, while I am tanking.... oops.

Yup, that's me, looking strangely at the hat sitting on my spot. Who put that there? Oh, holiday...great. Like I want to do that, well actually, I did some on my now lvl74-holydin for the extra xp. And that buff for using the bonfire is nice. But really, take that hat away, that's our hang-out spot blizz....

Oh look, Ragnaros. I finally killed him last tuesday, on 10. In 25 to many people where dying to .... welll... I don't really know. With one hour left, the raid was converted to 10, to get the loot. And I was selected, Yay. Only, they didn't tell me they had a different strat on 10, so I had to learn that on the run. But, I only died once prematurely.  On the actual kill. Oh yeah, druids can also detonate the traps... right...kitty went splat  :(. But I was B-rezzed, and no one died after that.

This is Innovation, on 25, preparing for Ragnaros.... something tells me, we may have a little too much druids in the raid. Hint: It's not because a mage decided to mirror one, it's the other seven....  like seven sins. That would make me...ooh, let's not go there  :). But, with that in mind, I did started levelling a holydin. Maybe I will go that route in MoP. But that depends on a lot of things, do we need one (at this moment I would say yes), how are they gonna play, how are boomers going to be... and it is still a ong way till that... so the future is wide open... tanana...nanana...naaa.

And closing this 250th post of me, I'd like to thank an old WoW-friend of mine. Apparantly he had a redeem-code he wanted to give away, so I got a little present, although now it seems to pop up on all my alts also  :)

Oh yeah, maybe I should tell something about that class-act....  one picture is higher up. But it is fun to do lower dungeons with guildies, and picking up some guildfirst  :). But we are overpowdered. Lower dungeons are not made for a group of people who know each other, and so we are normally running the highest dungeons we can enter. And that all for an extra bank-slot.... and the fun ofcourse.

Happy second Blizzcon-day, let's see what more info will be thrown at us.

zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

Rolling on.

Remember this one?

What is it with me getting back to sometimes long forgotten alts? Oh yeah, severe case of altism. Mariandel has had a rocky road. I don't even remember which server she started on, but I do know I sent her away to another server and brought her back. Last 6 months she was my AH-alt, but...well..brewfest happened.

So, after some runs to Coren, she had two trinkets and two beerkegs to hit stuff. And because she is also a skinner/enchanter, I went looking for dust/essences and shards, completing all zones in cata. With that combination of professions she is a very good supporting character for Mardah. And the fact that Mariandel is a mail-wearer, Mardah can do something back....

Talking about Mardah,

I had a very succesfull raid last thursday. I picked up a nice looking staff, got revered with the Avengers of Hyjal, and got my tier-pants. Although I forgot to bid on a necklace.... nature called, and I didn't noticed it in the loot, probably because it is not BiS, but alas, can't have it all.

After I got the staff, we had a break, and a quick trip to the reforger, almost reforging everything to haste, and my first 'free' enchant from the guild, I was a staff-wearer Tsj-kin. Innovation wiped two times on trash... the trash before Alysrazor, yeesh, large aggro-range on those. But we managed to do the first five bosses without much hassle.

With my new pants, I broke my T11-bonus. I don't know yet if that is a good thing, or that I should keep it. It would be much easier if I got my hands on one of these new LW-recipes, but the AD-AH doesn't seem to have them, and they didn't drop for Innovation yet. And no, I am not paying 24k for the ready-made things.

I had a little break from raiding last week due to work-stuff, but Innovation did down Majordomo, and killed ragnaros on ten. So if I get to raid Sunday and Tuesday, I'll probably also see their deaths.

Oh, and let me just hit a little remark on the new patch... A lot of quests in Outlands will now be available inside the dungeon..thank god. I really was getting bored flying all over the place to get those. Now I only hope that they are going to do something about the escort-quests still present in some dungeons. It is frustrating to follow Thrall, while you are not on the quest, because someone was selfish.....