zondag 23 oktober 2011

Mists of Blizzcon

So, Blizzcon has happened, and yesterday was the lore/art en general question-hours. Let me fill you in on somethings I found remarkable or strange.

First of all, the did not mention one possible legendary, but two. One is probably the Crown of Menethil, which would be the first non-weapon legendary? And there was some talk about a legendary Shield, but... wel, they will be coming soon®, like most news....

There was some talk concerning altism. First, sending heirlooms accros servers is something they want to do, but is technically very difficult, ..our servers don't speak well with each other.. And then there was this:

I have 10 characters, will you add an 11th slot so we can have all 11 classes?
Not sure just yet, might keep the current character cap but let you have them on any realm, so you can have many many charaters on one realm.

Really? Reaaally? Would that just make server overcrowded, or are they expecting people will not run to popular servers. Well, they could do that now I guess. This would at least let me use my heirlooms again on an army of alts.

Some more news about hurricane also be usable in Lunar, well, they better buff the damage then. Currently Hurricane is not that good (understatement), although I sometimes use it, when I am feeling lazy, and just want to watch for several seconds...before I need to replace shrooms.

Some talk about moonkin-form, and looks from all the races, but that doesn't seem to have a high priority.

They are also eleminating all ranged slots (thrown/relics/wands/bows/guns), and removing hunter-melee (finally). How that works out, we'll have to see. They did mention something about quivers and relics becoming visible, so they may become like guild-tabards? Something you wear for something else then stats?

There was some definately NO said about getting other size raids (like 15/20-mans mentioned on the blogospehere), so they seem to stick to the 10/25 sizes, with 3 raid-difficulties.

Mmm, I was sure I read somewhere something about Pandaren Druids. Because Pandaren do not hate, how can they be warlocks, and not be Druids. The answer was something regarding other descisions, and slapping the team on monday.... I am going to start praying now  :p

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