vrijdag 23 februari 2018

Navigating White Spots and Old Men...

Last Tuesday, Innovation downed the Coven of Shivarra after 43 wipes.. the fight where Mass Entanglement really shines, every druid here makes the fight a lot easier just by that single L60 talent.

This was our third or fourth evening on them, and this was a typical fight for this blog, through wiping, you learn. Except for the more damage which is expected between Normal and Heroic, there is only one ability extra that was a problem, Storm of Darkness.

This ability basically kills you if you stay in it for more than 4 seconds, and it covers the whole arena...except for some randomly placed white circles, randomly being the culprit here. 

You still have the be spread out for lightning-dudes which means hugging sides of that white circle, and then there are the fire-dudes, slicing the arena in pizza-slices.. and if you happen to be in a slice where that randomly spawning white circle doesn't spawn..well..

But those two abilities where not the biggest problem we faced, it didn't took long for us to figure out how to handle Lightning dudes, and somehow we didn't loose to many on fire dudes... the maze layed down by the old men walking though, combined with white circles... that took a while.

In the end the officers layed down a CC-order, including me mass entangling a group of mass-gripped old men. And after that is was only a some more pulls to get this in our thick heads....

Innovation downs the ladies.
For this fight I heavily tweaked my talents and gear. Adds where going down fast enough, so I actually went for a maximum-boss damage build. My guides told me to use the Double-Moonfire shoulders, but we had a tactic where the bosses most of the time didn't switched place, something with one not doing actual damage to the tank, so a DPS with taunt tanked that one. So the shoulders where not that handy.

I did try the Bracers of free Stuff, but the extra RNG didn't really worked for me on this fight. In the end I found the combination of the Extra Talent Ring and the Double Full Moon cape the best combi for this fight. The ring for cheaper Starfalls, and the cape for even more Astral Power generation..which I needed because I also went for a Talent that I hadn't really used .. ever...

Stellar Flare

Yes, even moar Dots, but the extra Dot on both bosses, combined with cheaper Starfall... well, max boss damage. The effect was that besides the four moon spells, and the three free Lunar Strikes from Warrior of Elune, I was Dotting and Starfalling, hardcasting Solar Wrath or Lunar Strike..almost no time for it, but this strange setup did pay of it seems.

Also: Moonkin Growling in Tankchannel when Ladies where not tanked in Starfall Range  :)

So, now we are on our next target, Aggramar, where CC is again a thing we need to control, and 16 wipes in, we already are in the phase where we just need to get into the groove, so I think we will not need that many wipes on Aggramar.

Innovation readies the War Mammoth for the Titan

dinsdag 20 februari 2018


XII killing the Loot Below long ago in SCC with Gowron the Maintankadin

This is the oldest picture I seem to have from World of Warcraft, it was actually published on this blog waaaaay back in 2008. It was taken on a computer I no longer have, and all screenshots I took on it are gone to the eternal hunting grounds. I was not even using hotkeys back then... it would take a Blue Dragon named Malygos, a year later, for me to embrace hotkeys.

Last few days I have been frantically searching for my oldest screenshot on one of the 5 Drives lying behind my current Laptop. 2 HDD, 2 SSD and a Mac-thingie have been studied, and I couldn't get a screenie older as 2009, a long time after the above screenshot, so yes, my blog is doing it's job of being my back up for stuff I do and write in World of Warcraft.

So.. why was I doing that now....  because today is the 20th of February 2018, and 10 years ago, the 20th of February 2008, I wrote my first Blogpost, an introduction of who I was, and what I was doing. It took another 2 months for my second post, but after that I started writing a lot for a few years, settling down to a very slow pace now.

This is my 384th post on this blog. And it has been a long road, from first joining XII, where I was in 2008 to now in Innovation in 2018. But I am still raiding, still levelling all the alts, and still enjoying this game ... for the most part.

Tonight, for example, we do something I really enjoy, wiping on a Boss... learning, tweaking and cursing... tonight our goal is the Coven of Shivarra.. where we already had 50-something wipes... white safe spots are random... we already reached enrage last week, so I guess it is only a matter of time now...

And to end this blog..that screenshot I found from 2009...  it is Mardah, in Wrath-PvP gear I think..

-the road goes on, ever on.


vrijdag 9 februari 2018

10 Months

Ten Months it has been, Innovation just downed Gul'Dan, and we where ready for the next challenge. But that was ten Months ago.. so where have I been, what happened to blogging?

The answer is that I got a little bit tired of it all. After we downed Gul'Dan I basically stopped doing WQ's,  stopped gathering Artifact Power... even alting was not something I wanted to do. Hoping for good artifacts, more AP-farming, more WQ's... I just felt bored with it.

Not that I stopped playing. I still did the mission-table, I still raided, Innovation is now wiping on Coven, so I did play, but nothing else made me play the game. Yes, I know, there a lot of things to do in WoW, but nothing really pulled me into play, except raiding.

Well..not except raiding, I also levelled a lot of my characters to 110, mostly through invasions. And I levelled some new characters without the use of heirlooms to different levels. But for the most part, I went into a only-raid-modus. And play other games. Funny thing that Blizzards puts so much effort in keeping us playing Legion..and that it backfired with me. Never had this before, not even in the ICC-summer.

Kil'Jaeden during Moonkin Festival
So, no play means no blog, after playing, I just didn't wanted to do WoW, not play, not write. So why this blog?  Well.. something happened last week... something with more characer slots on a realm. Which means I can level again on Argent Dawn, as a member of Innovation. So having a guildchat for my alts seems important. And I am levelling a Lightforged Paladin, while having a Void Elf Warlock as second toon ready. And playing means writing.

Ending this small update.. let's have some random thoughts about Legion:

-I still hate Titanforging, I once said that raids shouldn't drop stuff with different Ilvls, and Titanforging makes it worse, so much worse that I can almost except warforging to be good now...

-I do not like Mythic+ that much. I like to have a relaxed time while playing, and having a timer doesn't really help that feeling.

-I do not think Tierset-bonus are a problem, I think Blizzard made them a problem with adding an extra piece and having sooo much Legendaries, and are using that excuse to end them.

-Legendaries should be legendary.. and not a dissapointment when you get them.. I am looking at you
Cinidaria... Getting a Legendary which is not really good is more disappointing than rewarding.

-Arcano Crystals.... having a Trinket which is good for a tier or two is nice...  but this trinket just... well..  is BiS till halfway Antorus...even when not Titanforged... Titanforged it just trumps all.. which makes it NOT dropping on a boss that only spawns every 8?? weeks is not only disappointing, but also frustrating... and still disappointing if it finally drops..and it is not Titanforged..

-Wax and Wane... So this artifact talent, which is the left one on the concordance-set, was very weak when it debuted. So the Boomkins said, can you change it, and you change it to do more damage, and the Boomkins say: If you change it like that.. we are going to Moonfire-spam down the line... and you then nerf it because we are MF-spamming down the line... well.. maybe listen better?

-BfA seems bland for Balance right now.. but Alpha is Alpha. I just hope we are not going into this 'It will be fine'-feeling again like last Alpha/Beta

-Antorus is an interesting raid.. atm I have 4 different gear-sets for Balance... I even started to use a new legendary for Coven I never used before..more Moons!

-I like the new levelling-system, I do sometimes have problems with quests still being level-dependant.

-I am almost liking the fact that weapons cannot titanforge anymore in BfA, and only warforge.. while I still don't really like the whole forge system,,,, just to make sure: I do not like Titanforging, and every one that defends it is part of this ...well..  that probably needs a seperate blog before I continue..../stop

What you see when the game bugs and teleports you dead to Killies Platform before clearing Trash