dinsdag 20 februari 2018


XII killing the Loot Below long ago in SCC with Gowron the Maintankadin

This is the oldest picture I seem to have from World of Warcraft, it was actually published on this blog waaaaay back in 2008. It was taken on a computer I no longer have, and all screenshots I took on it are gone to the eternal hunting grounds. I was not even using hotkeys back then... it would take a Blue Dragon named Malygos, a year later, for me to embrace hotkeys.

Last few days I have been frantically searching for my oldest screenshot on one of the 5 Drives lying behind my current Laptop. 2 HDD, 2 SSD and a Mac-thingie have been studied, and I couldn't get a screenie older as 2009, a long time after the above screenshot, so yes, my blog is doing it's job of being my back up for stuff I do and write in World of Warcraft.

So.. why was I doing that now....  because today is the 20th of February 2018, and 10 years ago, the 20th of February 2008, I wrote my first Blogpost, an introduction of who I was, and what I was doing. It took another 2 months for my second post, but after that I started writing a lot for a few years, settling down to a very slow pace now.

This is my 384th post on this blog. And it has been a long road, from first joining XII, where I was in 2008 to now in Innovation in 2018. But I am still raiding, still levelling all the alts, and still enjoying this game ... for the most part.

Tonight, for example, we do something I really enjoy, wiping on a Boss... learning, tweaking and cursing... tonight our goal is the Coven of Shivarra.. where we already had 50-something wipes... white safe spots are random... we already reached enrage last week, so I guess it is only a matter of time now...

And to end this blog..that screenshot I found from 2009...  it is Mardah, in Wrath-PvP gear I think..

-the road goes on, ever on.


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