vrijdag 24 februari 2017

Ten Years

I had no idea what to do. I started working on a school at the beginning of Januar, and now it was happening, school holiday, a week of being forced not to work, because the school was closed.

That saturday-morning I came to the conlusion that I didn't know what the F. to do for a week. Yes, I had to referee a Korfball-match that midday, but the next match was 7 days on. It was to cold to work in the garden, and I would be basically alone during the workdays ahead, so what to do....

That afternoon, I downloaded a game, I activated the free trial account, and Mendak, Dwarf Hunter was created.

That was the 24th of Februar, 2007

Within a week, after Mendak was kicked of the boat to Azuremyst Isle, I bought the full version, and started a Blood Elf Tankadin called Gowron. which within two years brought me face to face with a Demon Hunter called Illidan....  the more things change... the more things stay the same.

Look at that UI, so this was after patch 3 I guess.