donderdag 16 juli 2015

The Token and it's strange quirks?

I have been there.

There was a time in my live, not so long ago actually, where I was doing everything to save money. My monthly standard expenses like gas, electra, mortage where that high, that they almost exceeded my income. That is not a healthy place to be.

I had to really cut back on a lot of things, just be more careful how much you spend on stuff. I can go into detail, but this is not a 'How is my life'-blog, this is a World of Warcraft blog. So what does the above as to do with WoW?

Gold Tokens

Some of my sources reported a strange thing. Players trying to not use their Gold. Every time something cost gold in game, they weigh their options. Is it really worth buying it? What do I need it for? Just like in real life.

And most gold-spending is avoidable. Repair-bills? Join a raiding guild. Flightpath Costs? Just ride your mount. A new coin for gear, enough other options, even with the current need for Garrison Resources, they would opt for that , rather than paying 500 gold.

And for what?

To make sure they have enough gold to buy a token. That can be every month, although you do need a lot of time to make 50k/month I guess. Or to have enough gold, to get them through a rough spot in Real Life, and still be able to play World of Warcraft.