dinsdag 31 maart 2009


...and another one bites the dust.

This by far a greater impact then the quitting of Phaelia a couple of weeks ago. BRK was doing a lot of things, just surf the WoW-blog-o-sphere, and see the amount of posts concerning his departure....oh wait, I am one of those now I suppose :p

I just think he also wants an epic named after him :p

But really, I know how he feels, in my 2 years playing I had 3 breakdowns from WoW. All of the times it was a combination of a lot of Real Life work and a lot of WoW-work. 2 times I quit a guild, both times mostly to have a different game for a little while, while knowing I'd probably return. And after some weeks I did return to raiding.

Luckily my RL and WoW don't interfer each other much, and RL comes first, always has. Even last year when I was GM-RL-Recruiting Officer-Paladin Officer-DKP officer... just to have both lifes coming down at you is a bummer...but I survived, Speaking of officer..

Last night I saw /o again, our GM Placebo was playing a little, and promoting all online to officer, while demoting all officers. Was fun, but somewhere I miss /o... well, in the ten minutes I was 'officer' I just did my Job, and declined an application... the bad-cop-task, I always did, because it needed doing, maybe I should....

Tonight is Naxx, and also House M.D. House is an excellent way to step away from the game, just trade one with the other, but house doesn´t last 3 hours, so I can do other stuff .

Wednesday I´ll be raiding again... I do hope we do Naxx, I have seen Sarth 4 times last week, wiping a lot, and a little break would be nice...

maandag 30 maart 2009

Maiden and Twillight

I was on early today, and still in a raidgroup with Calibaen, he went ZG, I went kara, I killed Attuman, no mount :(, and then went a little further...

I killed her at 5 minutes before raidstart, and we went Sart3D again. XII hadn't done naxx/maly this week, first Sarth3D needed to go down.... ohoh, I think I wiped on him 50 times this week, but we did kill him within the hour today... and the I typed /roll...

And it gave a perfect 100.

donderdag 26 maart 2009

Don't stand in the....

...red flames, blue voids, in front of drakes....

I have seen melee-dps, who at the moment of the warning forgot were they where and moved right into the flame-path.

I have seen someone riding a horse, just standing there when the flame wave came.

I have seen people run out, because they taught it was a wipe.

I have seen people just standing in a voidzone, doing god-knows what.

There are only two people in a Sarth3D raid who have an excuse to get hit by flame-waves or voidzones, the add-tanks, they should prioritize getting adds above else, and they can survive a hit by a flame-tank, and even with graphics set to low, spotting a voidzone while you are in the middle of hurricanes, blizzards, etc, is pretty hard.

Except if you died behind your keyboard, the rest of the people in the raid have no excuse.....period. Your own survival outweighs everything, as a healer you may finish your cast if your target needs it and is a tank. But the rest... MOVE YOUR FREAKING %&*$ OUT OF THERE

Sarth3D didn't went well last night...

dinsdag 24 maart 2009

The No-Signing-In complex

Guild: XII - EU Ghotslands
Number of Raiders: about 50
Number of Sign-Ins on last wednesday for Naxx25:about 40
Numbers of sign-ins on monday to do Sarth3D:around 17...

Considering that XII is rather casual, we have around 15 people who can't make it any given night.

50-17-15 = 18

That means around 18 memebers don´t want to wipe on Sarth3d I guess.... COWARDS

Last wednesday, under great pressure of our GM, we cleared all Naxx25 in 4 hours, in one night... looking at the people who were present, that were also the people who sign in the most, don´t care where we are going, just sign in, because they want to raid, have fun. I think Placebo saw that, and maybe that´s the reason he pushed us to clear it, going one hour in over/time.

There were people not present, who also are on high attendance, but those are the ones that are not complaining much, they have been in XII to long for that. Wath we did last wednesday was actually making a long nose towards the people who almost never sign in to the harder raids...

New Raid/week starts tomorrow, our honory GM (Placebo is on Leave of Absence due to private circumstances) has already said, that there will be NO NAXX untill Sarth3D is down... o_O.... GOOD

To be honest, if you are in a raiding guild, and XII is one, you should be available to raid at least 3 days-weej. Ok sometimes, a lot of people do sign/off on the same day, that can happen, but I noticed the last 2 weeks, that when naxx is done, a lot of people don´t sign in for other raids..... so go Coch, let us bleed on sarth3D.. although please dont plan the Naxxrun this week on tuesday, I need the badges-gear form there, because of respec ... and tuesday-thursday are off for the time being....

maandag 23 maart 2009


Mmm, just noticed I had a reply on my post called Hybrids...

Of course you may link me.
(let me figure out later how to return the favor ;p)

It got me thinking a little bit, for who am I actually writing?

Well, that would probably be myself, so I can read back the hings I've done/seen/etc., although there are several posts clearly ment for others.

hehe, 100+ posts, and about 3 comments.

Monday Blues

I haven't played with Mardah since last week. To busy with watching House M.D., getting my holy gear in shape, and I want to finish levelling Miriani, my mining/JC hunter. I also started a tauren Druid on GL, with herbalism/skinning. Not that I need skinning, but I could use the flowers.

I considered creating a second account to powerlevel, but in the end, I like the lower instances too much to do that, so I am going the 'normal way'... well, I did get him the BoA-leather-shoulders with attack power/hit rating, for the 5% more xp.

Those shoulders are at the moment worn by Miriani. Looking at the different shoulders, the conclusion was quickly drawn that you only have to have 2. The leather AP/hit-rating shoulders, and the cloth-spellpower shoulders. With those 2 you can level any class faster. Yes, wearin leather on plate-weares may sound odd, but the only thing you'll be missing is some armor, and the 5% extra xp makes up for that. So I need to get 40 badges before my Cloudchaser hits 40.

I also need to get 40 badges for the Egg, still sporting a green trinket on Gowron. As Holy I do find myself in the overhealing-department, my heals often overheal for about 3k (FoL on someone with -1k health). But else I get bored. Maybe we are taking to many healers, although my performance last wednesday was good, ending 4th on healing meters over the whole night.

I am using Holy Shock a lot, that does eat a lot of mana. But if we have a retri-pally in the raid, who cares about mana :p. Saying that, I need to make my mana-bar more visible, so I can see when to use my mana-regen. I did went oom several times (no retri present), but that's all learning :p.

I also sold a lotof stuff last 2 weeks, clearing several banks. Miriani (now 77) is the largest spender of that gold. 1k for flying, 5k for faster flying, and 1k for cold-weather-flying... but now she can just fly over the basin, and mine al those veins. Time to sell the gems to get money back. She also can mine/smelt the titanium stuff now, although no id what I need to do with titansteel bars, the gear you get from that is already outdated by the stuff I wear...except maybe my retri-gear :p.

Well, my plan is to get her exalted with the oracles for a chance on a flying mount, although I am at a group-quest now, time to call in some help.

Oh, and for those who have been hiding in a bunker, go to Phaelia's Blog.

maandag 16 maart 2009


1 level/day for Mardah. I have been Tree all through outlands, mostly doing dungeons. I only did some of the starting quest in honorhold, the sporregar quests in zangar, about 5 cenarion expidition quest to get to honored with them, the Nessingwary-quests in Nagrand, and about 15 Kurenai-quest (again to get honored). The rest was dungeon-healing. Last night I got flight-form, i.e. level 68. I flew a little around in shat, levelled LW to 350 with all the leather I skinned (skinning is around 420...in Outlands), and went to Menethil Harbor. And I specced to Boomkin, if memories served me, Northren-dungeons don't give much XP, so more soling is needed.

So, new Hs set in Valgarde, and i di some quests. It didn't last long until I had the 2 quest for Utgarde Keep, so today I went into LFG...

I was invited, as Healer :p, to a run, a lvl 73 SP, a level 71 DK and a lvl 80 warrior where already in the group. Nice, I thought, lvl 80 tank, 20k hp, easy healing. Oh, he was Arms...or Fury-specced, at least not Prot. Big deal, I think he could dual-wield tank a level 70 instance. But he kept saying that he was DPs, and was probably a bad tank. My option was, just use Thunderclap, and we'll never get aggro from you probably.... his reaction was... I can't do that in Berserker Stance...

/rant on
FTLoG, you are going to tank, go to defensive, it's like a Blood-DK tanking with Frost Aura, or a Retribution Paladin using Righteous Fury.. You are a Hybrid, take advantage from that, and dont stay in a 'I am DPS, and i only do DPS'-mind set. I healed while cat-specced/moonkin, I tanked as Moonkin. in 2007 I also healed as Prot-spec Paladin in Hellfire Peninsula. If Hybrids dont go outside their roles sometimes, it will hold back parties, trying to find that healer or tank... after a little more talk, I came to the conclusion that it would be an epic fail to continue. If something would go wrong, the warrior would point to everyone (especially me as healer probably) that it went wrong, while never leaving berserker stance himself. /leave group
/rant off

And on Ghostlands, Gowron is Holy now..if he is not asked to tank sarth3D that is :p. Actaully, my first real raid-healing was last night. Malygos, and the last part of Naxx. I got a lot of drops, and need to figure out how to gear now. And I am really starting to like Holy Shock, at the end of the vening I think I used it every time it was off cooldown. I ended up doing 11.3% of the healing..with my sub-par gear...oh well, it is Naxx, XII is already farming that since decmber I think.

And Ulduar is coming, there are again a lot of changes for paladins... do we need to relearn our class every 4 months?? Now it seems Spiritual Attunement is going to be a Talent... oh well, not going to comment much about 3.1. It's still being tested.

dinsdag 10 maart 2009


You have gained the achievement : Write to the World
Post 100 Blogs in your World of Warcraft Blog

So... my 100th blog... and I was thinking what to write about,

I could talk about Mardah, being 63 now, and levelling through dungeons.
Or about a project I am doing with some friends of mine (still classified).
Or about Gowron, XII is looking for a Paladin Healer, and because I don't want to tank at the moment (too stressfull), I said I could heal sometimes. So last night I logged on respecced and signed in.

The target was Sartharion 3D...and they wanted me to tank whelps... oh well, one re-spec more. XII didn't down Sarth 3D yet, and I was a little bit rusty with tanking. I wouldn't have taken me on a progression-try, but alas, only 4 tanks online.

So I was a little bit worried...


So on to our old hangout-place:

Congratulations on the mount Egonspengler
Congratulations on the kill XII
Now let's get Immortal :p

..and the road goes ever, ever on.

donderdag 5 maart 2009



I completed Lower BlackRock Spire and Stratholme last night, especially Strat was fun. I was there twice before. Gowron was lvl63, and it was time to get my horse, so two members from Retribution helped me get the last part, Eagletwenty (Hunter) and Nagkeen (Rogue). I only saw a little bit of it back then, but Gowron would return, when he was 80, for the Lunar Festival.

This time it was on-level :p, a 60-warrior who only plays Vanilla, 2 other 57-druids, and a 56 Warlock. It was not easy, and sometimes we where overrun, and I was actually locked out of the Baron-attempt :(, but we did finish it. And I won 'The Key to the City' :)

So, I flew to the Dark Portal, and walked through...again. To my surprise, the demons on the other side of the portal are reaching the Portal these days, there where not enough defenders to hold them back... strange, or is this, together with the moonglade-shades, a message for the future?

Well, I set my HS in Honor Hold, walked a little around to get a feeling for the place (and find some trainers), and logged out. I do hope that I get a few more strat/scholo/lbrs runs in the next days, until I can start the Hellfire Peninsula-dungeons.

dinsdag 3 maart 2009

What is happening in Moongalde?

Playing a druid, I am now frequently visiting Moonglade, and the last two weeks I noticed something peculiar. There are lot of defenders running around, in packs of about 5-6. I found that a little funny, they weren't there before, and now they are running all over the place.

Last night something even more strange happened, I ran into 3 level 62 elite Shades (like the ones from Naxxramas) just before the elevation where the Lunar Festival NPC's used to be. They were killing moongladians.... luckily I was fast enough with shadowmelding. After every NPC was dead where they were hovering, they despawned after a few seonds...


maandag 2 maart 2009

A Tankadin at 55

I promised a newly tankadin some pointers towards her talent-tree. I have healed a lot of tankadins the last weeks, so I have seen where the most trouble lies, mana-regen. Most 50-something Tankadisn use Blessing of Kings, well, don't, use Blessing of Sanctuary, the little extra help is neglible in lower level dungeons imho. SO now that you know that you don't need Kings, let's start a tree.

In all my suggestions I have looked at DPS/TPS first, you'll still be solo-ing a lot, so damage is golden. After that I looked at the other things like Health, Mitigation, in that order. So DPS/TPS >> Health >> Mitigation for levelling.

Skip BoK (see above) and take 5/5 Divine Strength, not only does it increase your DPS, it also increases your Block Value.
Both Stoicism and Guardians Favor are very situational for tanking, and more PvP-talents, so take 5/5 Anticipation.
Tier 3
Take both 3/3 Imp. Righteous Fury and 5/5 Toughness, more Mitigation. Yes, that are 3 points to many, but you'll need those 3 points later on.
Tier 4
Divine Guardian is an Off-tank-talent, so skip that. Imp. Hammer of Justice is very nice, with the added spell-interrupt, but mostly not very usefull while tanking. Get 3/3 Imp. Devotion Aura, more Mitigation, and more healing on everyone.
Tier 5
1/1 BLESSING OF SANCTUARY, your first talent that takes up the Heart of the Protection Tree. You'll need 3 more points to get to the next tier, go 3/5 Reckoning. (there is theory that putting 3 points in there gives almost the same result as 5, so don't max it out)
Tier 6
5/5 One-handed Weapon Spec., it increases ALL damage, from ALL your spells/swings. Also pick up 2/2 Sacred Duty, more health.
Tier 7
1/1 HOLY SHIELD, you will always be using this, more mitigation/threat, never let it fall off. To round it out towards the next tree, put 2 points in Ardent Defender, more points are not neccessary at this point of levelling.
Tier 8
First take 3/3 Combat Expertise, more damage and more health... yum. Put the other 3 points in Redoubt, more mitigation.
Tier 9
CAPTAIN AMERICA'S SHIELD...hurray, and then 3/3 Touched by the light. This talent will give you a lot of spellpower, and because all Paladins Spells use both Attack Power and Spell Damage, it will increase your threat a lot.
Tier 10
your at level 55, first max out Shield of the Templar, then Guarded by the lightt, so you can get Hammer of Righteousness at level 60

AFter this, I would suggest Benediction and Imp. Jugdement from the Retri-tree, less mana handy while soling) and faster judgements. You dont need to worry about rotations until lvl75, when you get Shield of the Righteousness. After that, just look up some trees, ans hop around :p, just respec at level 75 towards you end-build, and learn to use 969.

(see previouse blogs for end-game speccing :p)