maandag 2 maart 2009

A Tankadin at 55

I promised a newly tankadin some pointers towards her talent-tree. I have healed a lot of tankadins the last weeks, so I have seen where the most trouble lies, mana-regen. Most 50-something Tankadisn use Blessing of Kings, well, don't, use Blessing of Sanctuary, the little extra help is neglible in lower level dungeons imho. SO now that you know that you don't need Kings, let's start a tree.

In all my suggestions I have looked at DPS/TPS first, you'll still be solo-ing a lot, so damage is golden. After that I looked at the other things like Health, Mitigation, in that order. So DPS/TPS >> Health >> Mitigation for levelling.

Skip BoK (see above) and take 5/5 Divine Strength, not only does it increase your DPS, it also increases your Block Value.
Both Stoicism and Guardians Favor are very situational for tanking, and more PvP-talents, so take 5/5 Anticipation.
Tier 3
Take both 3/3 Imp. Righteous Fury and 5/5 Toughness, more Mitigation. Yes, that are 3 points to many, but you'll need those 3 points later on.
Tier 4
Divine Guardian is an Off-tank-talent, so skip that. Imp. Hammer of Justice is very nice, with the added spell-interrupt, but mostly not very usefull while tanking. Get 3/3 Imp. Devotion Aura, more Mitigation, and more healing on everyone.
Tier 5
1/1 BLESSING OF SANCTUARY, your first talent that takes up the Heart of the Protection Tree. You'll need 3 more points to get to the next tier, go 3/5 Reckoning. (there is theory that putting 3 points in there gives almost the same result as 5, so don't max it out)
Tier 6
5/5 One-handed Weapon Spec., it increases ALL damage, from ALL your spells/swings. Also pick up 2/2 Sacred Duty, more health.
Tier 7
1/1 HOLY SHIELD, you will always be using this, more mitigation/threat, never let it fall off. To round it out towards the next tree, put 2 points in Ardent Defender, more points are not neccessary at this point of levelling.
Tier 8
First take 3/3 Combat Expertise, more damage and more health... yum. Put the other 3 points in Redoubt, more mitigation.
Tier 9
CAPTAIN AMERICA'S SHIELD...hurray, and then 3/3 Touched by the light. This talent will give you a lot of spellpower, and because all Paladins Spells use both Attack Power and Spell Damage, it will increase your threat a lot.
Tier 10
your at level 55, first max out Shield of the Templar, then Guarded by the lightt, so you can get Hammer of Righteousness at level 60

AFter this, I would suggest Benediction and Imp. Jugdement from the Retri-tree, less mana handy while soling) and faster judgements. You dont need to worry about rotations until lvl75, when you get Shield of the Righteousness. After that, just look up some trees, ans hop around :p, just respec at level 75 towards you end-build, and learn to use 969.

(see previouse blogs for end-game speccing :p)

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