dinsdag 24 maart 2009

The No-Signing-In complex

Guild: XII - EU Ghotslands
Number of Raiders: about 50
Number of Sign-Ins on last wednesday for Naxx25:about 40
Numbers of sign-ins on monday to do Sarth3D:around 17...

Considering that XII is rather casual, we have around 15 people who can't make it any given night.

50-17-15 = 18

That means around 18 memebers don´t want to wipe on Sarth3d I guess.... COWARDS

Last wednesday, under great pressure of our GM, we cleared all Naxx25 in 4 hours, in one night... looking at the people who were present, that were also the people who sign in the most, don´t care where we are going, just sign in, because they want to raid, have fun. I think Placebo saw that, and maybe that´s the reason he pushed us to clear it, going one hour in over/time.

There were people not present, who also are on high attendance, but those are the ones that are not complaining much, they have been in XII to long for that. Wath we did last wednesday was actually making a long nose towards the people who almost never sign in to the harder raids...

New Raid/week starts tomorrow, our honory GM (Placebo is on Leave of Absence due to private circumstances) has already said, that there will be NO NAXX untill Sarth3D is down... o_O.... GOOD

To be honest, if you are in a raiding guild, and XII is one, you should be available to raid at least 3 days-weej. Ok sometimes, a lot of people do sign/off on the same day, that can happen, but I noticed the last 2 weeks, that when naxx is done, a lot of people don´t sign in for other raids..... so go Coch, let us bleed on sarth3D.. although please dont plan the Naxxrun this week on tuesday, I need the badges-gear form there, because of respec ... and tuesday-thursday are off for the time being....

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