dinsdag 10 maart 2009


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So... my 100th blog... and I was thinking what to write about,

I could talk about Mardah, being 63 now, and levelling through dungeons.
Or about a project I am doing with some friends of mine (still classified).
Or about Gowron, XII is looking for a Paladin Healer, and because I don't want to tank at the moment (too stressfull), I said I could heal sometimes. So last night I logged on respecced and signed in.

The target was Sartharion 3D...and they wanted me to tank whelps... oh well, one re-spec more. XII didn't down Sarth 3D yet, and I was a little bit rusty with tanking. I wouldn't have taken me on a progression-try, but alas, only 4 tanks online.

So I was a little bit worried...


So on to our old hangout-place:

Congratulations on the mount Egonspengler
Congratulations on the kill XII
Now let's get Immortal :p

..and the road goes ever, ever on.

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