maandag 23 maart 2009

Monday Blues

I haven't played with Mardah since last week. To busy with watching House M.D., getting my holy gear in shape, and I want to finish levelling Miriani, my mining/JC hunter. I also started a tauren Druid on GL, with herbalism/skinning. Not that I need skinning, but I could use the flowers.

I considered creating a second account to powerlevel, but in the end, I like the lower instances too much to do that, so I am going the 'normal way'... well, I did get him the BoA-leather-shoulders with attack power/hit rating, for the 5% more xp.

Those shoulders are at the moment worn by Miriani. Looking at the different shoulders, the conclusion was quickly drawn that you only have to have 2. The leather AP/hit-rating shoulders, and the cloth-spellpower shoulders. With those 2 you can level any class faster. Yes, wearin leather on plate-weares may sound odd, but the only thing you'll be missing is some armor, and the 5% extra xp makes up for that. So I need to get 40 badges before my Cloudchaser hits 40.

I also need to get 40 badges for the Egg, still sporting a green trinket on Gowron. As Holy I do find myself in the overhealing-department, my heals often overheal for about 3k (FoL on someone with -1k health). But else I get bored. Maybe we are taking to many healers, although my performance last wednesday was good, ending 4th on healing meters over the whole night.

I am using Holy Shock a lot, that does eat a lot of mana. But if we have a retri-pally in the raid, who cares about mana :p. Saying that, I need to make my mana-bar more visible, so I can see when to use my mana-regen. I did went oom several times (no retri present), but that's all learning :p.

I also sold a lotof stuff last 2 weeks, clearing several banks. Miriani (now 77) is the largest spender of that gold. 1k for flying, 5k for faster flying, and 1k for cold-weather-flying... but now she can just fly over the basin, and mine al those veins. Time to sell the gems to get money back. She also can mine/smelt the titanium stuff now, although no id what I need to do with titansteel bars, the gear you get from that is already outdated by the stuff I wear...except maybe my retri-gear :p.

Well, my plan is to get her exalted with the oracles for a chance on a flying mount, although I am at a group-quest now, time to call in some help.

Oh, and for those who have been hiding in a bunker, go to Phaelia's Blog.

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