dinsdag 31 maart 2009


...and another one bites the dust.

This by far a greater impact then the quitting of Phaelia a couple of weeks ago. BRK was doing a lot of things, just surf the WoW-blog-o-sphere, and see the amount of posts concerning his departure....oh wait, I am one of those now I suppose :p

I just think he also wants an epic named after him :p

But really, I know how he feels, in my 2 years playing I had 3 breakdowns from WoW. All of the times it was a combination of a lot of Real Life work and a lot of WoW-work. 2 times I quit a guild, both times mostly to have a different game for a little while, while knowing I'd probably return. And after some weeks I did return to raiding.

Luckily my RL and WoW don't interfer each other much, and RL comes first, always has. Even last year when I was GM-RL-Recruiting Officer-Paladin Officer-DKP officer... just to have both lifes coming down at you is a bummer...but I survived, Speaking of officer..

Last night I saw /o again, our GM Placebo was playing a little, and promoting all online to officer, while demoting all officers. Was fun, but somewhere I miss /o... well, in the ten minutes I was 'officer' I just did my Job, and declined an application... the bad-cop-task, I always did, because it needed doing, maybe I should....

Tonight is Naxx, and also House M.D. House is an excellent way to step away from the game, just trade one with the other, but house doesn´t last 3 hours, so I can do other stuff .

Wednesday I´ll be raiding again... I do hope we do Naxx, I have seen Sarth 4 times last week, wiping a lot, and a little break would be nice...

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