donderdag 26 maart 2009

Don't stand in the.... flames, blue voids, in front of drakes....

I have seen melee-dps, who at the moment of the warning forgot were they where and moved right into the flame-path.

I have seen someone riding a horse, just standing there when the flame wave came.

I have seen people run out, because they taught it was a wipe.

I have seen people just standing in a voidzone, doing god-knows what.

There are only two people in a Sarth3D raid who have an excuse to get hit by flame-waves or voidzones, the add-tanks, they should prioritize getting adds above else, and they can survive a hit by a flame-tank, and even with graphics set to low, spotting a voidzone while you are in the middle of hurricanes, blizzards, etc, is pretty hard.

Except if you died behind your keyboard, the rest of the people in the raid have no excuse.....period. Your own survival outweighs everything, as a healer you may finish your cast if your target needs it and is a tank. But the rest... MOVE YOUR FREAKING %&*$ OUT OF THERE

Sarth3D didn't went well last night...

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