dinsdag 26 maart 2013

To epic gem, or not to epic gem...

So, with the 5.3 PTR starting...tri-specs..really? I demand quatro-specs for druids. And Innovation downing empress at last, and now progressing through Terrace (Tsulong 2%....) and Throne,I was ;forced' to look at weapons, and mostly what the epic gem does to sha-touched stuff.

You see, at our empress-kill, two sha-touched spellpowerdaggers dropped. And I didn't even bid, because I thought it would be a small upgrade over my twice-upgraded Tsulong-staff, and with LFR-wings opening up I thought the 502-weapons probably would be better, and there are a lot around.

So, let's look at the gem...500 Intellect, which means 584 spellpower and 0,23% crit (raidbuffed ofc). I am not sure why we still have Intellect, it seems nothing more then spellpower with some crit attached to it.. why not just call it spellpower and be done with it?

Ok, 0,23% crit, at first I didn't take this with me while making spreadsheets..but I calculated the extra crit from intellect on my current weapon..which was more than 400... (1667 intellect-->461 critrating)

Also..while making this spreadsheet, I found out what I already secretly knew...  Staves are not good. As good as every one-hand/off-hand combination I looked at, was about 165 intellect better than a staff...what a surprise....

I looked at the sha-dagger and all the LFR's one-handers, taking into consideration the different offhands. And not to my surprise... the best current option is from Lei Shi, both the 1H and the OH, the mace actually has more intellect then standard 502-stuff.

But, because Lei Shi will note be available for  more weeks, and I also wanted to look at normal (522) weapons, I choose a more logical combi.

From Durumu (opening tomorrow) a dagger drops with crit and spirit. This one seems to be the best before last bosses, and my suggestion is always use a bonusroll on Durumu. Besides the weapon, he also drop a haste/crit back, spirit/crit shoes, and a spirit/crit ring... all with gem-slots!!

Ok, numbers:

496-Kritak has a massive 8204 spellpower, and 360 spirit and 615 crit, for a total of 975 statpoints.
502-Durumu has 8219 spellpower, and 356 spirit and 476 crit, for a total of 832 statpoints.
and for fun:
522-Durumu has 9871 spellpower, and 438 spirit and 574 crit, for a total of 1013 statpoints.

So, normal Kritak beats LFR-Durumu for around 140 statpoints. Now the question is, do I want to pay 10k for a new epic gem, is that 10k worth 140 orso statpoints?