vrijdag 26 februari 2016

Let's MC the Andromedan...wait..What?

Yes, I am part of the earths resistance to our alien Overlords called Advent. I am sneaking around killing sectoid, chryssalids, sectopds and other strange looking weirdos. And if I am not going to rush in like my guts tell me to do, I can actually survive.

Basically, I bought XCOM 2.

And when I though about it, it was actually the first game I bought since that day, way back in 2007. I did play some other games inbetween, but they where all free-to-play, except for Civilization V, but that I didn't buy, it was gifted to me.

For the first time in 9 years, I am actually playing something else, instead of logging into Azeroth, or Draenor actually. Which does say something about the current state of where I am in World of Warcraft.

I still raid, we actually can say that we are farming heroic Archmonde at the the moment, but the rest around it does not seem to pull me in. There are alts I havent seen in a while, I cannot be bothered.

On the raiding, there are talks in Innovation of going Mythic. Not all raiders will probably want that, and there is the problem of having 20 people in. But we had a secret vote last Tuesday, where I voted yes (what a surprise)

Innovation sitting around the big table deciding about Mythic

Take for example, the lower part of Hellfire. It is very difficlult for me to keep optimal concentration there...which reslulted in my first killed-by-barrage-moment.... Most of the raid is automatic pilot for me at the moment.

And after seeing the raid once a week, I may have enough energy to do it again once... but that's it. Even levelling alts is not keeping my attention, but there may be another reason there. I cannot, a Blizzard states, play with my friends, while levelling. Remember that I have a full roster on Argent Dawn.

I also sometimes play on The Sha'tar. I have 33 places for characters there, Thirty-Three! This is because The Sha'tar is coupled with Steamwheedle Cartel and Moonglade. I wish they would have coupled a small realm with Argent Dawn. It still feels unfair that on some realms your choice of alts is bigger.