dinsdag 27 september 2011

Adding up....

Sheep the Diamond

Ok, let's see

Argent Dawn
With my former main Gowron (153d4h2m) and my current main Mardah (55d8h6m), AD clocks in at a grand total of 268 days 23 hours and 10 minutes (probably more by the time anyone reads this).

The Sha'tar
One of the send-away realms, Lamars the rogue is there with almost 12 days, and it's clocking in at around 12 days.

Steamwheedle Cartel
Another send-away realm. Cymar the lock (8 days) and my undead hunter Vornik (1 day 19 hours) are staioned there, clocking in at around 11 days.

My former main realm. Most of it is gone, but still around 15 days.

And then there are the realms where I only have 1 character, or there are the chars I have disbanded (most notably a 72-paladin and a 40-mage). And the fact that I also had access to another account sometimes. Let's estimate that on around 15 days, seems reasonable with the levels gained.

So, that would made it around...mmmm...310 days I played world of Warcraft..... that's about 10.5 months.

maandag 26 september 2011

End of summer, or....

So, the nerf-bat hit Firelands. And Innovation finally killed some more bosses with 25 (or 22). The problem is two-sides, do I think we needed the nerf? The answer is both yes and no.

No, we didn't needed the nerf.

To understand this, you first have to know the guild, which I think I do now, after 9 months. Innovation has a lot of ex-HC-raiders. People who don't actually want to be put in that situation anymore. Been there, done that. And to top that of, there are a few parents in the guild. So on a normal raiding night, Innovation has a lot of breaks. I think we normally only pull a boss thrice an hour, and that is considered fast then.

Actually, thinking about trash, 2 an hour is probably more logical. That means we are not fast, and we are not looking at heroics. We just want to kill some internet-dragons sometimes. Keep in mind, this is not an excuse to not perform! We just have a very relaxed pace. And with that pace, we had 3 bosses down, before the nerf. But, we were also running T11 till 2 weeks ago to gear up people. We would have been further probably, but...

Yes, we did need the nerf.

It's not like we couldn't kill Alysrazor. It was the high turnover that prevented us. As mentioned, Innovation was 3/7 pre-nerf, but only Shannox was killed with 25 (first kill even with only 21). Both the spider and the big guy where done on 10-man. The last few weeks had only about 18 people signing on. So our fearless leader had no choice to go with 10-mans to actually get some raiding done.

Interlude: Kudos to our fearless leader to actually bench herself last monday. Not many guildleaders/raidleaders do that.

I think the 10-mans had around 12 pulls on the bird before the nerfbat hit. And we were almost there, so the guild didn't needed the nerf.... but the guild also needed it. Last thursday we had a full 25-man raid to Firelands for the first time in a long time. And we killed 4 bosses, picking up the 25-kills for the spider and the big guy with a one-shot. And a genuinly first guild-kill, after 4 wipes, of Alysrazor.

Yesterday, we had a new boss to try, the fire-dude. And after some jokes about 'Thou shall not pass', and 4 wipes later, we downed him. The kill itself was messy, with 3 soakers and one tank going splat, but we did it, with 22 people... so... again, some short.

I have a nagging feeling why that is happening... I think I have seen that before.

On another note,
I hit the transmogrification-band-wagon, and am now the proud owner of the T2-recolered TBC-set. It may turn up on some of the screenies on the guild-website.....