vrijdag 27 juni 2008

Great Moments .... part 1

So this will be a almost chronically things I greatly remember,
not that I am going away :P, but it's just time to do a list like this.

1. The Moment I went from trial to full version, It was also the moment I abonded my lvl29 Dwarf Hunter, and started a Belf paladin called Gowron, to see the new content. Trial version weren't supporting TBC, I remeber being teleported of the boot to the Draenai capital :p. Gowron took the professions Tailoring (GIEF BAGS) and Enchanting.

2. The Moment I met a Tauren Shaman called Sceptre in Hillsbrad, we played a lot, and he invited me into a guild called 'The Wanderers', where he was an officer.

3. The Moment I left 'The Wanderers'. At this point, both Sceptre and me were 10 levels ahead of almost everyone in the guild, and people were just not levelling.
Sceptre left, and I followed quickly. 1 hour later, 'Retribution' was born.

4. The Moment I became a level-70 Tankadin. I had been Protection from 10-68, but the guild needed a healer. But after the first kara-attempt, we lacked Tanks, so I dusted off my Tanking Gear (3/5 D3 at that moment), and started tanking... finally.

5. The Moments of Main-Tanking Guild-firsts. For 'Retribution' I have done this with Maiden of Virtue, Opera and Prince Malchezaar. For 'XII' I have done this with all of Kara, accidentally with Gruul (sorry Egon), Magtheridon, Lurker, Hydross, Leotheras, Alar, Void Reaver. And I would have done it with Rage, if I didn't d/c-ed during the last wave :p

woensdag 25 juni 2008

Leotheras the Blind

It took us 4 nights,
and on the 10th try,
he finally went down,
10 seconds before enrage.

He dropped a nice belt,
and some new gloves.
Gowron can now reach 54% pure avoidance,
which is too much for T5,
except maybe for Kael'Thas.

We had 2 tries on Vashj for fun,
seems not that hard,
but I am going on a 2-weeks shore-leave :p,
so the next tries are w/o me.

dinsdag 17 juni 2008

Whack Da Hammer

So...Kael'thas versus Euro 2008.... 0-1

Not enough sign-ins,
not the right people online (5 warlocks, no mages)
means no raid,
so... now what...

One respec later...

Ezrila is whacking with da hammer again :p
It's called Therapy i think,
find a group,
goto heroic (in this case BM/Mech/Bot/UB/SP),
and hit a boss,
for around 700 DPS, which isn't bad I think.

So, I actually looked at some DPS-upgrades.
20% from MgT
20% from BoJ
20% from BT/sunwell
40% from Season4

So I need to PvP, for the best PVE-stuff...
Just like on Gowron, where the best tankadin weapon,
is the S4-mace...
well, on Gowron, that ain't gonna happen,
but maybe on ezrila, If I find some partners.

Btw, we had a Tankadin on those heroic-runs.
Imp JotC and Sancity Aura FTW

vrijdag 13 juni 2008


After 2 days of learning (this thursday and last weeks tuesday), we got Al'ar in overtime. He dropped a nice cloak, a little upgrade, but every little thing helps.
And I like PoJ, I repeately beat the warrior to platform 1, while I was coming from 2.

Now, next week, we have 2 days for Kael'thas Sunstrider...uh-huh.

donderdag 12 juni 2008

..the Pursuit of Justice.

3/5 reckoning doesn't work, period. In our attempts on Leotheras, it procced once/2 minutes.Too expensive.And yes, I know it shines in AoE-situations, but, even then, it only increases the threat on one target, not on all of them.

So what to do with the 3 points, put them back in spellwarding and ImpJudge?

Well, on our attempt on Leo, I noticed something else, speed does matter. He sometimes ww's out of your range, and then the speed-bosst comes in handy. Some speed-increase will also be handy on these weeks Alar-tries. And I have heard the rooms of Kael and Vashj are quit big...

And I am freaking slow, wearing plate, having at least 2 sets extra on me also doesn't help, a tank is a slow-moving heavy object. So, after some thoughts, I bought a Turbo.

Welcome to the new Gowron GTI

Pursuit of Justice
Increases speed with 15%
Increases chance to be missed by spells with 3%

zondag 8 juni 2008

...more guild-firsts.

So..what happened this week...

We WTF-pwned karatresh
Firts pull, was a kinda misspull, second....
I tanked the shaman... he is hard.
SSC 4/6

We ended Da Amani Empire
Actually, the other tanks had to go, so I came, did 9,9% of raid-damage, he is easy to tank... and I got his parry-tinket, which is nice for my AoE-set (2000 armor vs. 6 mobs, is a lot)
ZA 6/6

And we killed Anetheron, after 4 wipes, I decided, I put on my healig set, we had 2 pallytanks, and my was the best healingset. Saved the MT (egonspengler) at least once, and the Mainhealer on MT once.....
MH 2/5

donderdag 5 juni 2008

1285 stamina

I did the maths,
and did them again...
I lost 2% dodge...
and gained a lot of health...

Gowron now has 16197 health...
another barrier breached.

I also changed my spec to 0/50/11
I pulled 2 points out of spellwarding,
and one point out of ImpJudgement.
I then put those into reckoning...for some more threat..
which resulted in keeping VR for 90% today,
in my spelldamage-gear.

I want to solo-tank VR....

woensdag 4 juni 2008

...the Proper Way??

uh-huh, a second blog today :P

I have heard that our guild isn't doing it the proper way. We went to MH, when we were 2/6 and 1/4, and 3-shotted Rage. I think we made some people jealous, by doing that, and they don't see it as the proper way.

Thou shall first kill Vashj and Kael

Well, why? Have you ever seen the insides of MH? It's one of the most beautiful Instances I have seen, it's green, and wide spaced. And it give XII a lesson. Because the trash comes in waves, immediately followed by a Boss, everyone has to stay focused. This focusing has paid off on the trash-pulls in SSC and TK. We are actually clearing those very fast these days, less hanging around, more running forward.

Methinks the proper way is to have fun. The first night we went to MH, everyone had fun, we wiped...and wiped, and wiped somemore.. but we all had fun. The next time we wiped, and killed Rage....mmm, and now?? So wiped on some trash...but we had fun.

If people want WoW to play the old way, doing Kara-GL-ML-SSC-TK-MH-BT-SW, no problem, go ahead. Personally, I am here to see stuff, we actually went to BT for an hour, just to wipe... we were not prepared.

The Proper Way, is to have fun, and get to your maximum potential, using all means neccessary. At this point, XII has fun, and is using MH to get to Vashj/Kael. And if you have problems with that, STFU and delete your character... or go get attuned for Onyxia (which I am by the way), to really do it the 'right' way :P

As a Raid-organiser, I see only one problem...not having 'easy' bosses after we down Vashj/Kael...


I have been organising raids for XII for several weeks now. That means I put the raids into GC, try to figure out the 'right' raid-compostition, and invite people accordingly.

That also means,I get a ton of whispers starting around 45 minutes before the raid, with people asking me for an invite, people whispering me for info on other raid-members, and ending with semi-pissed-off whispers from players who were not invited, mostly because they are undergeared, under-performing, or just logging on 1 minute before raid-start.

Luckily, XII has almost no members underperforming, and undergeared people can be geared.... but people getting online 1 minute before raid-start, expecting a spot, I find unrealistic. I like to raid, so, I want the group complete 15 minutes before raid-start, so I can take some little time for myself before we actually start hitting Mobs. Now, if you beforehand stated that you will be online 1 minute before raidstart, I may keep a place for you, but the uncertainity isn't something I like. I know people have Real Lifes, but I also have one :P

Basically, if you want a raid-spot, your best chance is to:
1. Sign Up
2. Be prepared
3. Be on time

And, sometimes, when we actually have the people on time, the weather can bring problems. Last night, after we cleared the trash to begin on our second night of Alar-tries, 3 of the 5 tanks, started getting connection-problems due to heavy thunderstorms over eastern europe, so after 1.5 hours we cancelled the raid, not even getting through to P2...

This week, we gonna try some new bosses in SSC, the ones that are dropping tokens :p