woensdag 4 juni 2008

...the Proper Way??

uh-huh, a second blog today :P

I have heard that our guild isn't doing it the proper way. We went to MH, when we were 2/6 and 1/4, and 3-shotted Rage. I think we made some people jealous, by doing that, and they don't see it as the proper way.

Thou shall first kill Vashj and Kael

Well, why? Have you ever seen the insides of MH? It's one of the most beautiful Instances I have seen, it's green, and wide spaced. And it give XII a lesson. Because the trash comes in waves, immediately followed by a Boss, everyone has to stay focused. This focusing has paid off on the trash-pulls in SSC and TK. We are actually clearing those very fast these days, less hanging around, more running forward.

Methinks the proper way is to have fun. The first night we went to MH, everyone had fun, we wiped...and wiped, and wiped somemore.. but we all had fun. The next time we wiped, and killed Rage....mmm, and now?? So wiped on some trash...but we had fun.

If people want WoW to play the old way, doing Kara-GL-ML-SSC-TK-MH-BT-SW, no problem, go ahead. Personally, I am here to see stuff, we actually went to BT for an hour, just to wipe... we were not prepared.

The Proper Way, is to have fun, and get to your maximum potential, using all means neccessary. At this point, XII has fun, and is using MH to get to Vashj/Kael. And if you have problems with that, STFU and delete your character... or go get attuned for Onyxia (which I am by the way), to really do it the 'right' way :P

As a Raid-organiser, I see only one problem...not having 'easy' bosses after we down Vashj/Kael...

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