dinsdag 17 juni 2008

Whack Da Hammer

So...Kael'thas versus Euro 2008.... 0-1

Not enough sign-ins,
not the right people online (5 warlocks, no mages)
means no raid,
so... now what...

One respec later...

Ezrila is whacking with da hammer again :p
It's called Therapy i think,
find a group,
goto heroic (in this case BM/Mech/Bot/UB/SP),
and hit a boss,
for around 700 DPS, which isn't bad I think.

So, I actually looked at some DPS-upgrades.
20% from MgT
20% from BoJ
20% from BT/sunwell
40% from Season4

So I need to PvP, for the best PVE-stuff...
Just like on Gowron, where the best tankadin weapon,
is the S4-mace...
well, on Gowron, that ain't gonna happen,
but maybe on ezrila, If I find some partners.

Btw, we had a Tankadin on those heroic-runs.
Imp JotC and Sancity Aura FTW

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