zondag 8 juni 2008

...more guild-firsts.

So..what happened this week...

We WTF-pwned karatresh
Firts pull, was a kinda misspull, second....
I tanked the shaman... he is hard.
SSC 4/6

We ended Da Amani Empire
Actually, the other tanks had to go, so I came, did 9,9% of raid-damage, he is easy to tank... and I got his parry-tinket, which is nice for my AoE-set (2000 armor vs. 6 mobs, is a lot)
ZA 6/6

And we killed Anetheron, after 4 wipes, I decided, I put on my healig set, we had 2 pallytanks, and my was the best healingset. Saved the MT (egonspengler) at least once, and the Mainhealer on MT once.....
MH 2/5

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