woensdag 4 juni 2008


I have been organising raids for XII for several weeks now. That means I put the raids into GC, try to figure out the 'right' raid-compostition, and invite people accordingly.

That also means,I get a ton of whispers starting around 45 minutes before the raid, with people asking me for an invite, people whispering me for info on other raid-members, and ending with semi-pissed-off whispers from players who were not invited, mostly because they are undergeared, under-performing, or just logging on 1 minute before raid-start.

Luckily, XII has almost no members underperforming, and undergeared people can be geared.... but people getting online 1 minute before raid-start, expecting a spot, I find unrealistic. I like to raid, so, I want the group complete 15 minutes before raid-start, so I can take some little time for myself before we actually start hitting Mobs. Now, if you beforehand stated that you will be online 1 minute before raidstart, I may keep a place for you, but the uncertainity isn't something I like. I know people have Real Lifes, but I also have one :P

Basically, if you want a raid-spot, your best chance is to:
1. Sign Up
2. Be prepared
3. Be on time

And, sometimes, when we actually have the people on time, the weather can bring problems. Last night, after we cleared the trash to begin on our second night of Alar-tries, 3 of the 5 tanks, started getting connection-problems due to heavy thunderstorms over eastern europe, so after 1.5 hours we cancelled the raid, not even getting through to P2...

This week, we gonna try some new bosses in SSC, the ones that are dropping tokens :p

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