maandag 16 april 2012

MoP: first steps

Yes, I am in the Beta, I got the invite about a week ago, but..well.

You have to know that I am actually playing on a MacBookPro, one that's about 5 years old, so probably one of the first. And it was running OSX 10.5.8. Apparantly that will not work, so a quick visit to the Apple-store, and snow-leopard 10.6.3 was on his way...which is on a DVD, why not just downloadable?

Wednesday I received the DVD, only to find out that I had a little problem with my DVD-player, it didn't work.... CD's no problem, but DVD's....  and after sifting through a few apple-forums, a broken MacBook DVD-player is actually standard, what? Luckily I could lend a portable DVD-driver from my work.

So, Sunday-mornin I went to the disc-world...rrr... Pandarian-starting area. I made a monk, and because it was early, not many other Panda's around, only about 300 I guess. I think the starting area is almost finished. I didn't encounter any bugs, although some cinematics where missing. At level 10 I specced Brewmaster (Tank), to see how that worked.

Not that I played any dungeons, but the Brewmaster has an ability where you have to target the area to give (up to three NPC's) a debuff/buff for you. It feels a little bit wobbily as tank, trying to put a circle on the ground while also turning the camera around to see if everything goes well around you.

I am now one of the people waiting to actually get a lvl85 on the server. It was not possible to do that for a few days, but yesterday I got Mardah and Mariandel on the Pending list. I also would like to have a lvl85 premade Panda, because I have no intention of levelling anything on Beta...  so...waiting.